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New Cuyama

What's the difference between New Cuyama and Old Cuyama? About 5 miles!

Since Old Cuyama is basically a flood basin for the Cuyama River, a long time ago they moved the majority of 'town' westward. Looks like the old Buckhorn has finally gotten a complete and total make-over. WOW. How exciting! (can't wait to visit) This country area is a prime biker route and awesome drive west from here. The location is the middle of nowhere. New Cuyama is an agriculture mecca, with some cattle grazing and oil drilling nearby. The entire Cuyama River Valley (along Hwy 166) borders Los Padres National Forest. General store and gasoline, that's about it. Oh yeah, and wildflowers!
Los Padres NF: South
Los Padres NF: South
Dick Smith Wilderness
Dick Smith Wilderness
Los Padres NF: North
Los Padres NF: North
Los Padres Forest Atlas
Los Padres Forest Atlas
elevation: 2150' population: 802 zip code: 93254


Coastal mountain foothills

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Santa Barbara County
E of Pismo Beach
on Hwy 166



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  • camping
  • mountain biking
  • hiking
  • off-roading
  • wildflowers
  • volcanic rocks
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  • parks, forests, rivers & lakes:

  • Los Padres National Forest
  • Ballinger Canyon OHV
  • Quatal Canyon
  • Cuyama River
  • Sierra Madre Mountains
  • San Rafael Wilderness
  • Bates Canyon
  • Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge
  • Carrizo Plain National Monument
  • Dick Smith Wilderness
  • Rock Front Ranch 4x4
  • Santa Lucia Wilderness
  • new cuyama campgrounds

    Quatal Canyon Camping
    Nettle Springs Campground
    Mount Abel - Cerro Noroeste
    Aliso Park Campground
    Bates Canyon Campground
    Rock Front Ranch 4x4 Camp
    Ballinger Canyon OHV
    Brookshire Campground
    Miranda Pine Campground
    Horseshoe Springs Campground
    Reyes Creek Campground
    Reyes Peak Pine Mountain

    tent camping

    Agricultural community with a general store, post office, restaurant, burger shack & a boarded-up motel. This small community is located on Hwy 166, W of Hwy 33. A perfect stop over point for travelers heading to coastal destinations. The restaurant is decent cooking & service is pleasant. Located in between the Los Padres National Forest & the San Luis Obispo coastline, it is a nice place to relax on your drive west. A favorite motorcyclist route too. CHP is usually out with radar, so watch your speeds.

    nearby towns:
    Pine Mountain
    Santa Maria
    local links:

    Cuyama Wildflowers
    Cuyama Buckhorn
    Bolthouse Juices
    Los Padres Forest Watch
    Grimmway Farms
    Cuyama Orchards
    Santa Barbara Cheese Company
    Dick Smith Wilderness Map
    Los Padres Maps
    Los Padres Forest Topo Atlas

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