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Far from the hussel and bustle of the big city and the urban sprawl are small, quiet, lakeside towns like Lucerne. Retire on the cheap in California? Above wine country, above the traffic and smog, at the very edge of Mendocino Forest. Mobile home to mansions, all the way around large Clear Lake.
Snow Mountain Wilderness
Snow Mountain Wilderness
California Atlas
California Atlas
Mendocino Forest
Mendocino Forest
Mendocino Topo Atlas
Mendocino Topo Atlas
elevation: 1370'
population: 3,000
zip code: 95458


largest freshwater lake, surrounded by mountains

Lake County
Northshore of Clear Lake
on Hwy 20



  • biking
  • camping
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • hot springs
  • boating
  • off roading
  • mountain biking
  • walking
  • kayaking
  • parks, forests, rivers & lakes:

  • Clear Lake State Park
  • Snow Mountain Wilderness
  • Mendocino National Forest
  • Lucerne Alpine Park
  • Lucerne Harbor Park
  • High Valley Road
  • tent camping

    Sleepy little lake community with minimal shopping and services, but maximum lake scenery. Grassy lakeside park and paths, paved boat launch. Residential, outdoor recreation and the mountains next door.

    nearby towns:
    Clearlake Oaks
    Wilbur Springs

    Lucerne, California

    Clear Lake SP

    California Weekends
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