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California Road Trip Ideas

Total Escape, the web site, was started on a 33k modem back in 1996, in a small apartment near the beach. Remember the days when no one had a smart phone, nor a digital camera and 56k dial-up was a big deal? Before the time of high speed connections, GPS & online marketing, Total Escape was there carving out a spot for real California travel. This site was well established before the National Parks had a web presence, the National Forests sites or even the California State Park system.

Best California places... the stuff you yearn for.

Secluded alpine lakes with your SUV nearby, a campfire right next to the lake & a bitchin sunset. Yep, those scenic destinations really do exist in the golden state. But you gotta know where to look, what to bring & respect these sacred spaces at all times. Fly fishing, rustic cabins, perfect weekends, all here on this very site. Maps, GPS & our information can get you out there - to the Wilderness. We narrow that vacation search for you, specifically to California & Baja, Total Escape concentrates on the local level, the outdoors & all the awesome recreation each community has to offer.

DanaMite has been searching out great back roads & local destinations for 2 decades, taking a zillion photos, marking the maps, building this web site, way back ...when LED head lamps were unheard of. Before the dot com crash, before all-wheel-drive got marketed as 4WD, before email was a chore, Total Escape had a place on the world wide web.

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Total Escape, a neat name, a great idea, a good message. Organic driven, eco-conscience, tree huggin off-roading, outdoor lovin - campers, hikers & bikers.

This awesome web site survives from your repeat visits. Thank you for all the clicking. Help build this small independent California travel site by reserving a lodge, grabbing a map & shopping with our vendors. Thanks for the support yall.

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