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jesse clark

explorer & amature astronomer will offer carpools & likes almost anything outdoorsy, including dark caves & mines

david seidner

we found this adventurer & avid hiker, wandering Mojave desert route 66, when I discovered that he is actually a new neighbor!

morris neer

inspirational & overly excitable, this man will have you humming on the hiking trials. and hell yeah, it's okay to be a kid again.

liz rouse

les gordon

world traveler & motorcycle man. loves wine, good food, eclectic music. prefers winding back highways, at 70 mph.

steven gardiner

4x4 enthusiast. all about exploring dirt roads & very concerned about our rights on wilderness & land use proposals.

elizabeth rouse

San Diego native & new SUV owner. likes computers, cool people, traveling. digs on mountain cabins.

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xterra ken jason suite caroine chris dinenna
ardell hollobaugh xterra ken thomas jason austin caroline maloy chris dinenna

  pine members

tom davidson
steve gallagher
jan alexander

manzanita members

michael strickland
kristine rohgan
marc terry

  oak members

basamah darwish
david matt green

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