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Above Convict Lake, CA
Above Convict Lake, CA

Go west young man. The left coast, the best coast. California is the state of vacation paradise. Zillions relocate to the golden state to experience the wonderful weather and more life out doors. It is one of the top US destinations in terms of number of people visiting.

Beautiful, fantastic and scenic; there is something for everyone, unique coastline, wild terrain, mountains, deserts. Camp for free, or find a luxury RV resort. We have accommodations listed for every type of traveler.





Small towns, big cities, freeways, farms, and lots of mountains. Weather is always the biggest draw, attracting millions to the sunshine on the West Coast. Another major factor in the population is diversity. Come for college and never want to leave. Near perfect weather, locally grown food and earthquakes too.

Whether you are out for a week long road trip, living on the road full time or just planning a one day escape from the city, you are bound to find it here in California.

Drastic desert landscapes, extreme mountain peaks, and plenty of adventures. Follow the images above to discover new spots & explore hidden secrets.

snowy bridges
California Winters

Sierra Nevada Lakes
Mojave Desert
Anza Borrego
Boulder Gardens
Coastal Redwoods
Shasta Cascades