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lip therapy

hiking water bottles dry or cracked lips

With the dry climate out west, you can be assured a few things - decent weather, warm temps & low humidity. The lack of moisture in the air will fry your lips, no matter how manly you think you are. Ignoring your skin for 2 full days can lead to disaster. Uncomfotable dryness can be hard to re-hydrate after the fact. Keep that kissable mouth in shape by using a lip balm with suncreen. And fellas, your girlfriend's lip gloss can be used as an emergency substitute, in an emergency situation of course.

California Deserts can be harsh

sunburned lips

If you don't have any lip balm with suncreen in it, then for peets sake get some SFP lotion & use it all over your face, including your lips. There is nothing like the pain of wind burned, dehydrated sunburned lips. Prevention is the best!

water on hips

Drink plenty of water!
Yeah, yeah you've heard this a million times. But it is the best way to keep your entire body hydrated from the inside out. Being outdoors in the sun for more than one day will rip you body of the majority of it's water. Plus doing almost any kind of recreation, you may be sweating more than your normal day (duh.. sitting behind the desk indoors). If you feel like you might hafta pee within the next hour, then you are properly hydrated.

See our Water Packs, Bottles & Containers for easy transport of your H20.

no shimmer simmery cocoa pop lipsticks... all natural lip balms, organic lips baby

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desert campingvaseline for all

A small tube of Vaseline can help keep you lubed up all over. Your poor nose could use some to prevent dryness. Your lips can benefit from a smudge every now & then, if you forgot the lip balm. Plain old Vaseline can even stand in for body lotion when you are desperate (dry elbows, sore feets, chapped hands).

lipstick lip color

"What the heck are you wearing lipstick for, we are camping?" No woman needs to hear this crap from any man. Keep it to yourself bud! If a chick wants to look good while enjoying nature, let her! At least she is enjoying 'the great outdoors' with YOU....right? Or at least trying to.

If you are a girly girl that needs a little color on your face, we recommend:
Lipfinity by Max Factor - literally last all day! No re-application needed, no kidding.

DUDES: ask for lip balm, not lip gloss, or you may end up with pink cosmetics on your face. It's Cover Girl, not cover boy.

lip balms

This small 'must have' item can make or break your second day outside - enjoying your trip. With low humidity in the Western US, your lips will be crying for moisture as soon as you start to have real fun. This essential small product is usually up at the front counter at most convenient stores, but pickin's will be slim & vareity limited. Cheap, small & inexpensive. Keep a lip balm in all the best places - your overnight case, purse, the car console, bike pouch, backpack, waterpack or daypack.

The better choices will be available at your local drug store chain, or online here at Total Escape for organic lip balms & more natural products. But most small town markets will only have a coupla brands So get prepared, pack well & bring a few favorites with you.

wind burn lips

While many claim that "the more you use lip balm the more dependent on it you become".... the average persons body chemistry will not even start to adapt to a new climate for months. So you may as well be comfortable if you are only outside on a part time basis. No sense spoiling your vacation with painful, cracked lips.



Burt's Bees

Kiss My Face

Neutrogena Lips

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California Weekends
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