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Let's face it! Human beings were not designed to spend long hours in front of a television or computer. It's no surprise that 50% of Americans are overweight, with all the lounging we do. The EMF waves are starting to make my brain ache & too much typing brings on tension. This cannot be natural or healthy. So, after a full decade I am finally listening.

While computer time is crucial to working & running a dot com from home, learning a sense of balance in your daily life is of key importance too.

recreate your reality, one trail at a time

Several years ago, while living in Los Angeles, I noticed I craved to be outside as much as possible. Whether it be walking in the local park, skating on the strand, lying on the beach or watching the sunset from a mountain top, it was a calling I had to follow. My enjoyment outdoors, be it leisure or recreational, became a very important part of my lifestyle (and thus was born Total Escape)

Enjoying wilderness & walks outside gives us peace of mind naturally. The stillness we seek, in order to slow our minds & listen to our soul, is a primal one. But overall, we have learned to ignore it. Modern technology should give us more freedom in our lives, but instead, many find themselves strapped to our camp gadgets & insane time schedules. The more we remove ourselves from the natural earth, the less conscious of our own lives we become. Societal influences, daily doses of entertainment & leisure, plus new technology has given plenty of us a false sense of security.

The more we get outside & exercise, the better we feel overall. The care we give our planet & making steps to minimize our impact, the more our children can benefit from her (seemingly) endless bounty. There are always plenty of volunteer organizations needing your help. Care enough to choose one that suits your interests. Support small communities & any great causes. Volunteer, more than once... try a regional or start here: State Parks, National Parks or National Forest Service!

Technology is here to work with us, not against us. Set the boundaries, listen to your body & set yourself free each week. No matter if you are an avid gamer, a couch potato or a hi-tech corporate workaholic, we can all benefit from more time outdoors.

Learn to take more breaks, more often, away from the television & computers, for health sake. Total Escape is here to do our part & show you a way. Giving you the coolest places in California, to help you create good habits & make visits to nature a part of your weekly routine. The goal is to inspire you to explore & make your dreams of travel happen with a beautiful & easy to use web site, with as minimal obnoxious banners as possible.

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Nature Heals

California Travel this Season:

how long have you had that SUV now? time to dig out that camping tent & sleeping bag --- wow, still in it's original packaging?

recreate your life
recreate yourself
recreate your peace

Find a way to let go of stress in your life on a weekly basis. If the dieting & gym routine never worked, try something else. Keep trying. Tensions of the week will dissipate as you near the county line on that open rural highway. 3pm office day dreams will be brighter as you look forward to your next day off.

Get out! Go for a day hike & bring a heathy picnic. Sit & soak in the sunshine. Try a weekend away, a cute bed & breakfast perhaps. Bring the pooch to the coast & grab a hotel room. Surprise your boyfriend with a new found local destination. Check out the blooming deserts, by going camping with your niece or nephew. Finally use that new mountain bike - on real dirt. Teach your girlfriend to target shooting & even clean up the litter.

The Road to Joy

Rustic Camping California

Dinkey Creek & the wildflower meadows are only a small part of what the Sierra NF is all about. Try a Sequioa Grove, hundreds of backroads, super camping, nine large recreational reserviors & more than a dozen smaller lakes.

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