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While DanaMite would love to create a wildfire overview spread like this one below on every BAD FIRE YEAR, it is unrealistic to compile such list when I am so consumed fixing code and broken government links on my 5000 page web site.

october, 2003: San Diego on Fire

The last weeks have been living hell. The series of wildfires have been classified as California worst fire season in history. Whether or not it's arson, lightning strikes, stupid cigarrettes or ignorant outdoorsmen, the effects are final. Very final & very sad. Millions of dollars, thousands of acres burnt, thousands of homes lost, hundreds of lives affected. Southern California has now lost so much that it will take decades to heal.

More than 743,000 acres burned OCT-NOV 2003, caused 22 deaths & destroyed more than 3,570 homes in Southern California.

California Fires 2003
fire: area: destinations acres burnt: affected:
Old Fire Big Bear

San Bernardino Mts

silverwood lake
running springs
heaps peak
lake arrowhead
san bern. NF
green valley lake
silverwood lake SRA
green valley lake
Grand Prix Fire San Gabriel Mts
angeles NF
lytle creek
cucamonga wilderness
59,448 lytle creek
Padau Fire San Gabriel Mts
angeles NF
mount baldy
san antonio cyn
cucamonga wilderness
sheep mt wilderness
manker flats
Mountain Fire Riverside Co. . 10,331
Piru Fire Los Padres
los padres NF
lake piru
sespe condor sanctuary
lake piru
blue point
sespe condor sanctuary
log cabin
cove camp
Simi Fire Ventura Co
oak county park
tapo canyon co. park
stoney point park
suburban areas,
no camps
Cedar Fire San Diego Co
cleveland NF
laguna mts recr. area
lake cuyamaca
rancho cuyamaca SP
anza borrego SP
sycamore cyn preserve
mission trails park
mount laguna
burnt rancheria
rancho cuyamaca SP
green valley falls
paso picacho
los caballos
dos picos co. park
william heise co. park
Paradise Fire San Diego Co
cleveland NF
lake wofford
dixon lake
lake wofford
dixon lake
Otay / Dulzura Fire San Diego Co dulzura 45,971 no camps
Roblar No.2 Fire Camp Pendleton fallbrook 9,000 no camps

Lands of Losses

The remaining forests & small towns that were untouched by fires will now become our sacred local weekend destinations. More crowded as the population expands, the need for outdoor recreation and seclusion is growing. Most of our back country & valuable lands are at risk in numerous ways not only weather related, but man made destruction as well. Severe drought, increased wildfires, flash flooding, river flooding, rock slides to vandalism, off road abuse, and oil fracking operations.

Educating the public on fire safety: wildfires, campfires, vandalism watch, & fire reporting is a main concrn when enjoying the outdoors often.

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