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It's been a full decade of dedication & devotion. Total Escape started way back in 1996, moonlighting after hours in a tiny apartment at the beach, DanaMite carved out a niche market for California camping. Compiling data, scanning hundreds of photos (in pre-digicam days), showing you travel options... all local. Places you never knew were so close - are now just a click away. Traveling thousands of miles, Total Escape Adventures ventured outside the city limits, over 500 times in the last 10 years to research the back roads for you. Offering thousands of images, plus a whopping 2000 pages of real California content, Total Escape continues to expand, collecting maps, GPS waypoints, the latest gear, and leading the way for all you adventurous souls... California Style!
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kayak rentals
If you are itching to try out something new, but feel a little unsure of your physical shape, try renting a kayak. Small oceanside bays like Mission Bay in San Diego, Morro Bay near San Luis Obispo, or Tomales Bay in the 'Bay Area' are excellent places to learn. Mild to wild, kayaking can become a healthy addiction. Gliding across a glassy alpine lake with the morning fog lifting, paddling to the Channel Islands with a tour group or launching yourself over a ice cold waterfall, the choices are yours.
cali wild fires
SoCal is burning again... On fire, as usual. It's the end of a hot dry summer & winds are stirring up local mountains with the annual charring. A time to ponder such thoughts about our land choices: Our impact & if closing off this precious land, this untouched wilderness area is such a wise idea. Ancient routes are now too overgrown, making it impossible to fight seasonal wildfires. The whole state is ablaze & you can find out all the juicy fire gossip over here on Make sure you practice fire safety always. We're depending on you.
Just the name conjures up pictures of great surf, lotsa sand & pure California! This prime mini-vacation haven is a favorite destination along the Central Coast. The nearby attractions include hot spring spas, restaurants & shops, Central Coast wineries, quaint beach hotels & even some off-roading. Camping near the shoreline or rough it with & RVs right on the beach at Oceano OHV. Make sure to bring your own toy box. Pick a weekend & head over the the coast for some real time ultimate R&R
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