Southern California Backroads

SoCal Backroads

If you are seeking dirt roads in California, then congratulations. You have made it to the web site of your dreams, Total Escape. We love the back roads as much as you do, maybe even more. Honest!

This entire 3000 page web site is a decade long dedication to the rural places in California, the trails, the canyons, the caves, the wildflowers, the scenery & even the old abandon mines. We have OHV maps, forest road maps, most regions, every trail map you might want. DanaMite has been researching these routes & documenting for years. And the GPS data is still to come!

Since SoCal is majority desert, you won’t be finding many lush fern meadows, dense forests or huge waterfalls. There are a few Southern California National Forest that may have pine & oak trees, a creek half the year & great camping. SoCal has the desert back roads & there are literally thousands of them. Grab a map, get your rig tuned up & start exploring. Right here right now.

SoCal regions for exploring Back Roads –

joshua trees

This joshua tree drive is located in Round Valley
On forest road# 2N02 in San Berdu NF; W of Big Bear City.