Lyrid Meteor Shower

Anza Borrego DesertsThis annual meteor shower peaks in late April, one of the few shooting star shows in the Springtime. Look in the east part of the nights sky for the grazers or shootings stars, up to 12 per hour. Pre-dawn viewing is always best for meteor showers. Most deserts are prime star gazing spots. Spring blooms wildflowers in the California deserts at this time of year.

This photos is taken at the heights of Mortero Canyon Wash in the southern portion of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. County Road S2 leads out to some great back road camping options. Morterro Wash has big boulder campsites – back behind the abandon rail road tracks. These desert dirt roads are not recommended for RV or motorhome travel. Deep sand is common. Passenger cars can make it – if they do not slow or stop in the soft sandy spots.

Annual event; April

How to best view a Meteor Shower

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