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where is that gratitude?

Thanksgiving time. Cooler temps mean being indoors up here in the mountains. More fire, more food, more friends! My best friend Morris is here visiting this weekend - Yeah!

Took a lovely drive up to the top of Mount Able via Cerro Noroeste. The ice crystals at the base of each tree were magically glowing in the minimal sunlight. Tampa boy hadn't seen snow in a while, but we went searching for some kinda frost. That was seriously our destination, frozen anything.

Arriving at the high elevation ridge top campground, we gazed into thick white air. The foggy forest glistened with moisture as sun beams streamed past statue like pines to create long tall vertical shadows. The sleek sapphire Saabaru glides into place in a perfectly flat dirt clearing. Out step three unprepared adults, ready to photograph nature, touch frozen pine needles and jump on the forest floor. Mostly cloudy, 34 degrees, with a wind chill of who knows what, us city folks were out and about examining nature - on a much needed holiday break.

As my two frantic friends jollied about in the chilly air, clouds zoomed overhead to a transparent high speed dream. The rich blue sky beyond appeared like a solid ceiling, but moving. The thin clouds above raced past us at the edge of the tallest tree tops. Shadows played upon one another. Sunlight sparkled every dew drop on the evergreens.

This is where I began to tear up. This beauty was astounding. As I squat down to leave my essence, the waft of cedar and pine hit my delicate nose. Here I am! Again. This is pure joy. Although my exposed ass is a bit cold, my life seems too dreamlike. I stop to deeply breathe in the freshest air.

Like children frolicking in the winter wonderland, we were all thrilled to be experiencing such a vision of a magical frosty forest. The vibrant green moss against the gray bark and foggy background. The dripping branches anointed us as we pranced about.

The gratitude I feel is unmeasurable. Heaven on Earth, the Universe, God, the Divine, Mother Nature, Zen moments, whatever you wanna call it. I thank the skies for it! Not each and every day, but often enough that the experience reminds me of my place on this planet, my task in life, my passions, my everything. Learning to appreciate more, bitch less, make more positive choices & changes in the world.

Give Thanks this Season (& every season)


Life's been so good to me
Has it been good to you
Has it been everything
That you expected it to be
Was it as good for you
As it was good for me
And was it everything
That it was all set up to be

Now is that gratitude?

Or is it really love
Some kind of reality
That fits just like a glove
Now is that gratitude
For everything I've done
Or is it something else
That's got me on the run

(lyrics from oingo boingo)

wild fattyAt this time of year we often give thanks for the abundance in our lives. Why spend so much negative energy complaining about things in life? Examine the bigger picture. Work, family, friends, passions, hobbies. Learn the balance. Pause, be still & give thanks to people, places & the universe. Enjoy each and every day.... exploring new territory within yourself, outdoors. Turn off the television & get yourself back. Think, learn, expand. Go outside! Take a drive, do a hike, pack a picnic, or use that bike. Get some new maps & start the journey.

The autumn months bring upon a cool change. A sheading of the old, preparations for winter and the next year ahead. As the holidaze approach, we crave the much needed rest from our summer, a chance for reflection.

for the land, the beauty, the glory of nature.

enjoying lifeA day well spent near
Palomar State ParkNational Forest Corral Camps California
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Randsburg Clouds

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