Favorite YouTube Channels


We have a wide range of interests: from gardening to survival, earthquakes to solar flares, weather to economy, history to alt news, missing persons to travel adventures, modern home designs to homestead life.

Canadian Prepper

Canadian Prepper

Collapse Chronicles

Collapse Chronicles

Dustin Boone  – back-country snowboard

DutchSinse – earthquake news

Epic Gardening – backyard gardens

Exploring Alternatives – cabins, tiny homes

Full Spectrum Survival– world news, commentary

Gardening Know How – tips for growing

Greg Mannarino – financial

Growing Your Greens– growing food

Kris Harbour Natural Building – homestead

My Self Reliance – backwoods log cabin

ON World Travel – Olivia & Nathan

Primitive Technology – back to the basics

Russell Brand – comedian, news commentary

Rusty West – missing hikers & spooky stories

Suspicious Observers – solar/space weather

Tiny House Expedition – Alexis & Christian