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California Highways Back Roads

Many, many miles covered with the Total Escape research-mobile have come to document hundreds of miles of open road. No strip malls, No traffic jams...seldom a stoplight, plenty of side roads & places to explore. These are a few of our favorites!

California Highways

California State Routes; CA SR Highways (HWY)

highway 178

Highway 3
Highway 4

Highway 6
Highway 9

Highway 33
Highway 49
Highway 50
Highway 74
Highway 76
Highway 78

Highway 88 Highway 89

Highway 101
Highway 108
Highway 120
Highway 168
Highway 178
Highway 198

US Hwy 395

highway 9

highway 49

highway 395

highway 101

highway 78

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California Back Roads

Ortega Highway

Goodale Creek

Mil Potrero Hwy