California Hostels

Hostels in California

Interested in meeting world travelers? Want to socialize with active, like-minded travelers during your trip? Then California hikerhostels may be worth checking out.

Often called Traveler Hostels, Youth Hostels or Backpacking Hostels, these budget accommodations have been renovating and recreating themselves in the past decade. More bedding selection, more privacy options and additional outdoor lounging areas.

Youth Hostel with a view

Several historic buildings and lighthouses have been turned into hostels. Often located in the city center, or other prime locations near bus routes, beaches or attractions, hostels offer temporary lodging for young, flexible, budget minded adventurers.

These popular overnight places can book up months in advance, are usually located in well-known tourist destinations and offer much better pricing than traditional hotels.

Santa Cruz Hostel (Hosteling International)

If you’re not comfortable with sleeping in a strangers apartment with an AirBNB, nor paying top dollar to stay in a pre-parked motorhome – then hosteling is an alternative choice.

Community kitchen, bunk beds, storage lockers and shared bathrooms are the norm, but many hostels now offer private rooms, tent cabins or other unique sleeping arrangements. Every hostel is different and has a unique setup, so you’ll want to do your research ahead of time and choose carefully.


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