springtime: wildflowers

wildflowers in california

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Wine Country Wildflowers


and it’s still winter (in the mountains)

snow play areas





Curly Lupine
Curly Lupine @ Mill Creek, CA

Total Escape Outside in California

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Gone are the days of cheap gas and endless cruising. Darting around, all over the state, for days of driving and sightseeing pleasure. A cafe here, a remote campground there, more beer and ice 25 miles round trip, moving camp every day.

RVer and van-lifers may actually find themselves staying put for a change with the fuel prices being so high. Plan a week-long trip outdoors, instead of 4  short weekends of frantic driving. STAY LONGER, RELAX MORE, get to know your local canyon and the wildlife – up close and personal.

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58 counties

California places listed by elevation

Rural counties inside California 

Our ever-expanding California Town List has updated populations, since some cities / towns have doubled (or even quadrupled) in size. Also fresh local links, updated weather link, and museums. On each town page are more books and maps – specific to the local area, plus a few new photos.

Listing local farms, orchards and wineries, coffee shops, cafes, small markets and restaurants, independent grocery stores, garden centers, services, farmers markets – and anything organic!

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Total Escape features ONLY local travel in California. Much of it is free or inexpensive, primarily on the back roads – with abundant nature and outdoor activities.

We list only the mom-n-pop, independent lodges – without the chain hotels and giant resorts. We list all cabins, RV parks, yurts, campgrounds and tent cabins.

Hot springs, petroglyphs, old mining camps and ghost towns. Off roading areas, massive sand dunes, and all the desert parks. Hiking, biking, kayaking and so much more. We have traditional, local events for each community; bike rental shops, organic cafes, local coffee shops and every wilderness area in the Golden State.

find back roads; off the beaten path

Explore this site: All of it, just on California.

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California, off the beaten path