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L.A. the southland and the sprawl. This is usually a place that you want to escape from. Total Escape wouldn't actually consider this overpopulated smog haven an escape by any means, but plenty people choose to vacation here (or at least visit on business). If you find yourself trapped in the LA basin, for whatever reason & need to get away - locally, then this web site can help you find alternate places to stay, outdoor recreation, hiking maps, remote beaches, rural back roads, parks & forest nearby. Hint: the nearest big river camping or scenic alpine lake is 4 hours North on I-5 (in the Sierra Nevada Mountains)

If you are an Angelino needing a quick local escape, the rest of the site should serve that purpose very well. Explore past the freeways, beyond the LA county line. Back to real wilderness and true nature.

elevation: 330'
population: 9,937,739
zip code: 90101


Large city in basin surrounded by mountains & ocean, tons of mega urban sprawl

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Los Angeles County
North of San Diego
I-5 & a dozen other freeways converge here



Los Angeles


Los Angeles River

Los Angeles Basin

Los Angeles, CA


California Weekends

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