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Southern California National Forest Only

$5.00 daily pass
$30.00 annual pass

The charges incurred for using our Southern California National Forests are somewhat controversial. However, it is a reality for the time being. A trial program introduced in 1997 by the Forest Service is currently in place for these much used Southern California parks and will remain in effect until further notice.

At least 80% of Adventure Pass fees collected will be used specifically for the intended parks listed on the pass. These charges are needed for:

  • maintenance
  • repair facilities
  • protection of woodlands
  • restoration of the forest


strong opposition to the
Recreation Fee Demonstration program

The pass must be displayed on your cars rear view mirror while parked on National Forest lands. The fees for Camp/Picnic grounds are not covered under this pass & must be paid separate.

Additional stickers for your second vehicle or motorcycle can be purchased for a fee of $5.00

Sometimes a wilderness permit serves as your fire permit. Other Wilderness area regulations may require you to have both a fire and wilderness permit. In wilderness areas where no Wilderness permit is required, you must always have a campfire permit to build a fire or to utilize a backpack stove.

Passes may be purchased at most NF Ranger Stations and Sporting Goods stores as well as many general stores in the vicinity of the forest. Look for the stickers in the merchants' window to identify the ones that sell Passes.



Strong opposition to Fees

Forest Service Access Fees
To Pay or not to Pay
It's Your Decision

Forest Fees are First Step Toward Commercialized Future
The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club has made terminating the Adventure Pass a priority item.

To learn how you can stop fees in our national forests, contact Sierra Club Vice Chair Alan Aronson at 310-322-2323. - BlueRibbon Coalition
By re-defining what "roadless" is,
government intends to claim as much as
60,000,000 acres of wilderness.

Recreation for Profit - USFS new view on lands

public access

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