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In the olden days, this spot, Furnace Creek, was referred to as 'Greenland' by the miners and pioneers, due to a natural spring. Harmony Borax Works operated around this location. It is now the central hub of the National Park and has most all the amenities that may be found in this region.

Can you believe they have a freakin' golf course out here - in the middle of Death Valley? Hey, it is California, what else do you expect? Seniors must stay active too!

Stovepipe Wells was created when a toll road was built on the westside, with a small resort named Bungalow City. Numerous mines existed around the canyons of this vast desert.
Death Valley Hiking Map
Death Valley Maps
Death Valley National Park
National Park Service
Death Valley, CA 92328


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5 different entrances:

Death Valley Routes
Hwy.190 - from the west Hwy.395, Panamint & Owens Valley
Hwy.178 - from the south Hwy.127 & Interstate 15
Hwy.190 - from the east Hwy.127, Nevada
Hwy.267 - from the north, Nevada

nearby towns:

Beatty, NV
Furnace Creek
Lone Pine
Panamint Springs
Stovepipe Wells
Tecopa Hot Springs
Furnace Creek lodging
Lone Pine hotels
Olancha lodging
Panamint Springs
Randsburg BNB
Shoshone Inn
Stovepipe Wells Village
Tecopa Hot Springs
Les is More

Death Valley Backpacking

  • permits are required for overnight backcountry camping
  • check with the correct ranger district for all back country camping restrictions

GPS hiking

Trail head parking spots located at:

 camp  sites  elev.  veg  toilet  water  contact  fee
Wildrose 30 4100 brush pit piped Death Valley NP
 $ 0
[Steep rugged canyon in backcountry, good base camp]
Hwy.190, Emigrant Canyon Rd. to Wildrose Rd. follow to the campground.

Camping Desert

Death Valley Campgrounds

These sites are among the smallest & most remote in the area. The campgrounds located closest to highways usually fill up fast & can attract all types of campers. For the seclusion, head a few miles off the main roads & enjoy the silence. Panamint Springs Resort is a great place to spend the night too.

campground elev.


veg toilet water  
Emigrant Campground 2100' 10 bushes flush piped open May - Oct
Mahogany Flat Campground 8200' 10 pinyon pit no dirt road, closed in snow
Thorndike Campground 7500' 8 pinyon pit no dirt road, closed in snow
Wildrose Campground 4100' 30 sage pit piped open year round, water seasonal

Camping 4x4

Primitive Camping

Back roads camping is allowed outside of designated campgrounds, in certain areas. 4 wheel drive and /or high clearance vehicle may be needed on dirt roads. Road conditions can change year by year, so be prepared for alternate routes.

Backpackers and vehicle campers should obtain a backcountry permit. Some areas that border the National Park are private lands, so pay attention to signage. Panamint Valley, just next door had excellent dispersed camping all along the dirt back roads. Be careful when traveling on dirt backroads. Some may only be suited for high clearance vehicles.

Wildrose Canyon Rd, provides some higher elevation camping & cooler temps at small campgrounds. Wild Rose & Mahogany Flat

Death Valley Desert

Death Valley Cool Sites

Wildrose Canyon area - go sing a song inside the amazing Charcoal Kilns; you won't believe how cool you sound!!

Goler Wash from the westside's Panamint Valley, near Ballarat ghost town, leads up to the infamous 'Manson Hideout' or Barker Ranch, up & over the Mengel Pass at 4326' elevation & then back down to Death Valley via Warm Springs Canyon.

Panamint Springs Resort is a worth a stop for a stretch break, gasoline, a sit down meal, an RV camp site or perhaps a drink at the bar?

Saline Valley Hot Springs

Tucki Mine DVNP 2002

California Desert Hiking

Death Valley Hiking

Triple digits heat. Hiking at ANY elevation during the hot summer is not recommended! Many have died out here in these dry deserts, hence the name Valley of DEATH.

Telescope Peak via ..... Mahogany Flat Campground > > > >

  • 14 mi RT
  • Strenuous
  • Elevation gain of 3000'
  • Trailhead at Campground = 8000'
  • Topo = Telescope Peak (7.5 minute)

Only Telescope Peak & Wildrose Peak have maintained hiking trails. These are the only hikes recommended in summer due to the extreme heat at lower elevations.

Panamint City up from Panamint Valley, is currently closed to 4WD traffic. It is a nice overnight backpacking destination. Gone are the days when Jeeps would wench their way up the creek.

These trails listed below are suggested overnight hikes & are cross-country routes. Mileages can be deceiving, so allow plenty of time for these trips. Purchase topographic maps for real adventures!! Many roads are graded & accessible by passenger cars.

Indian Pass

  • 16 mi RT
  • Moderately strenuous
  • Elevation gain of 3000'
  • Springs & bighorn sheep may be seen in the 4 mi stretch of canyon.
  • No camping at springs
  • Topo = Nevares Peak (7.5 minute)

Start 6.5 miles north of the Furnace Creek Visitor Center (near mile marker 104). Follow the wash bearing left (north) staying in the drainage nearest the ridge and heading for the low pass in the mountains. Climbing to the top of the pass is difficult and extremely steep.

Daylight Pass to Titus Canyon Road

  • 9 mi. RT
  • Moderately strenuous
  • Elevation change of 400'
  • No camping at springs
  • Topo = Daylight Pass (7.5 minute)

Hike northwest from Daylight Pass 4.5 miles to Titus Canyon road. 2 desert springs along route. Route finding may be difficult so a detailed map is advised.

Titanothere Canyon

  • 12 miles one way
  • Moderately strenuous
  • Eevation change of 4700'
  • No camping at springs
  • Topo = Thimble Peak (7.5 minute)

Start 11 miles down the Titus Canyon Road. There are 2 forks of this wide canyon, just make sure you park so that you are not blocking the road. Hike down the wash 12 miles to the Scotty's Castle Road. There are springs, fascinating geologic formations and spectacular views of Death Valley. It helps if you have a 2 car shuttle system so you can walk down the canyon. If not, an option is to walk 4.5 miles to Lost Man Spring and return the same way.

Fall Canyon

  • 5-10 RT
  • Moderate
  • Elevation gain of 1400'
  • Narrow canyons & bighorn sheep
  • Topo = Fall Canyon (7.5 minute)

Start at Titus Canyon parking lot (west side of canyon). Walk 0.5 mile north to a large wash. Wash leads into canyon with high, narrow walls, similar to Titus. Two and a half miles in, you dead end at a dry waterfall which requires climbing skills to pass on the south side. Beyond this point the way is open for another four or five miles.

Bighorn Gorge

  • 8 mi. one way
  • Strenuous
  • Elevation change of 5,000 feet.
  • Bighorn sheep and remote wilderness.
  • Topo = Tin Mt & White Top Mt. (7.5 minute)

From White Top Mountain it is 8 miles to Mesquite Springs Campground with 5 miles of it through the gorge. There is an eighty-foot dry fall in Bighorn Gorge, so scrambling around it on the north side of the fall is required.


Cottonwood to Marble Canyon Loop

  • 26 loop
  • Strenuous
  • Elevation gain of 3000'
  • Narrow canyons, bighorn sheep, and wilderness backcountry.
  • No camping at water sources.
  • Flash flood danger.
  • Topo = East of Sand Flat, Cottonwood Canyon, & Harris Hill. (7.5 minute)

Begin this 26 mile loop at the end of the Cottonwood Canyon road, 4x4 high clearance. Follow the Cottonwood drainage up for six miles then hike northeast, crossing Deadhorse Canyon and bearing northwest into Marble Canyon. No trail past upper Cottonwood Spring. Follow Marble Canyon down for 8.5 miles to the junction with Cottonwood Canyon, and then up another 8.5 miles to your starting point.


Jayhawker Canyon

  • 10 RT
  • Moderate
  • Elevation gain of 2600'
  • Topo = Emigrant Canyon (7.5 minute)

Start at 3000 feet elevation sign on Highway 190, 2.3 miles past Emigrant Junction. Walk the 1850 route of '49er pioneers. Some of them signed their names on a large boulder two miles in. Five miles one way, gentle grade to base of Pinto Peak.

Hanaupah Canyon

  • 17-20 RT
  • Moderate Strenuous
  • Elevation gain of 2200'
  • Springs, forests, and mountain views.
  • Topo = Telescope Peak & Hanaupah Cyn.

From West Side Road drive 5 miles up Hanaupah Canyon (high clearance) and park before road drops into wash. From here the road becomes 4WD and continues another 3 miles up the south fork. Walk or drive up the road 1.5 miles to where the canyon splits. From here one can hike at least 2 miles up the middle fork, or continue up the south fork another 1.5 miles to road's end and another 3 miles (climbs steeply) on closed or washed out roads.


Hungry Bill's Ranch

  • 10 RT
  • Moderate Strenuous
  • Elevation gain of 1100'
  • Topo = Panamint & Galena Cyn (7.5 minute)

From West Side Road drive 10.5 miles up Johnson Canyon (4WD high clearance) to road's end. Hike 1.5 miles following the creek drainage to the old ranch site. The old trail is washed out in places and may be difficult to follow. Ruins and an old orchard. It is possible to continue another 3 miles (no trail) and 3,000 feet to Panamint Pass for spectacular views.

Virgin Springs Canyon

  • 18 RT
  • Moderate
  • Elevation gain of 2000'
  • Narrow canyons & bighorn sheep
  • Topo = Epaulet Peak (7.5 minute)

Start one half mile west of Jubilee Pass. Drive or walk one mile up a 4 x 4 road. From here it is a 3 mile walk to a large stone structure, which is old miners' housing. Springs may be dry. Follow the old road into Greenwater Valley for the longer hike.

4x4 Camping in California

Bad Water Death Valley

Barker Ranch
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