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black canyon barstow
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Black Canyon
Barstow Mojave Desert

Black Canyon Bartsow CA Back behind the Rainbow Basin Natural Area and Owl Canyon Campground, Black Canyon is an interesting, scenic, desert canyon of the Mojave desert. Opal Mountain is back here too. Old mines, sandy wahes, free camping and awesome native petroglyphs on contrasting black volcanic rocks. Hence the name Black Canyon!

25 miles north of Barstow, CA From Old Hwy. 58, go north on Irwin Rd to Copper City Rd, turn left and proceed 15 mi. to EF373 (a left turn). About 2 miles before reaching the dry lake bed. Continue 10 mi on EF373 to Black Canyon Barrier; dirt road follows base of mesa.

Native art petroglyphs can be seen from the road, but you need to get out and look at them to take the real good photos. 4x4 might be needed in super soft sand conditions, so air down your tires if needed, and keep your speed up thru the thick stuff. A camp shovel, some pieces of lumber and an old blanket or tarp comes in handy for the soft sand and stuck - for all of you 2WD adventurous souls.

Anytime, other than summer, the day time temps are usually quite mild. Sunny and 70 is typical, but 60 degrees and wind, could mean chilly. Windbreakers (wind jackets) are always a good item to have when traveling in the desert, especially during winter. Winter storms can kick up good wind, so check the weather forecast. in advance. In harsh stormy conditions you want to choose a camp site according to natural wind blocks, but not be inside a deep wash that could flood. You may finally learn how to stake out your shelter. Tie down a new tent properly with guy lines and fly.

Black Canyon CA

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Home of Inscription Canyon this desolate desert wilderness is great for getting away from it all. Located well off interstate 15 and historic Route 66. Doing a day picnic, photoshoot, or just some back road exploration. Open desert camping for free along these dirt back roads, if you so desire and please use a previously created camp site for less impact on the land.

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Inscription Canyon is a prime area that has hundreds of Indian Petroglyphs

Primitive Camping
along desert back roads (free)

inscription canyon artwork A very decent back roads or topo map of the region is highly advised. BLM maps are hard to come by, so plan accordingly.

rangers station:
Barstow BLM office
2601 Barstow Road
Barstow, CA 92311

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Tunnel Entrance

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