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town.bombay beach

The name Bombay Beach, sounds very inviting... but the name is the nicest part about this abandoned community. No matter how you slice it, it's still the Salton Sea. From miles & miles of chain link fence, old boats under various stages of restoration (or is that deterioration?) piles of junk in nearly every yard, this small community needs some serious work. USPS knows this place as Niland, CA 92257

bombay beach, California

elevation: -225'
population: 280
zip code: 92257


below sea level desert with mountains surrounding; very little vegetation & minimal commercial businesses

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Bombay Beach

Imperial County
East shore of Salton Sea
on Hwy. 111

Not your average tourist town... matter of fact, you will be lucky to find any tourist out here in these parts. No matter how well you dress it up, it is still a mobile home court. A trailer park on the Salton Sea to be exact & if this does not clue you in, check the photos of the Salton Sea.

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