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An extensive list of every ski lift area in California.

The Cabins at Lakeshore Resort,
Lakeshore near Huntington Lake

Nordic Lodges
in the California BackCountry

Hwy 168, Eastern Sierra

Current California Ski Conditions: California ski season typically runs from late November to April, but a few resorts stay open into June, depending on Spring season storms.
mountain cabin rentals California Road/Weather Conditions
  • Cal-Trans/CA Statewide Road Conditions
  • Winter Closures for Mountain Passes

Try something new: Bypass the popular ski areas this season & try out the lesser known lifts. Tucked way away in the mountains, they may be a little more effort to get to, but the rewards could be definitely worth it. Remote ski lodges with small town charm could offer the winter escape your looking for. Break away from the main stream. Soon!

Avoid the crowds: Chances are if you've never heard of the place, most people haven't either. The most popular snow areas can be a traffic nightmare with way too many skiers on the slopes. Ending up as an aggravated unpleasant trip to the mountains. Check out our avoid the crowds section to pinpoint trouble spots & make your winter escape a happy memorable one.


ski events:

Board-X Series Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain snowboarders compete every other Sunday, June-April

Cross-Country Citizen Race, Kirkwood, Tahoe -January race for Nordic skiers

Valentine's Day Couples Race, Northstar-at-Tahoe - annual competition for sweethearts

Alpine Meadows Family Ski Challenge, Tahoe
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