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Cattle Country NorCal
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Nearby cities & towns:

Adin CA
Alturas CA
Bieber CA
Canby CA
Cedarville CA
Davis Creek CA
Eagleville CA
Fort Bidwell CA
Lake City CA
Likely CA
Lookout CA
Newell CA
New Pine Creek CA
Surprise ValleyCA
Tulelake CA
Willow Ranch CA

Designated wilderness areas in forest:

Wilderness Areas Acres
South Warner Wilderness Map 70,729
Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge 46,460
Modoc National Wildlife Refuge 6,016
Ash Creek SWA (State Wildlife Area) 13,897
Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory 236,000

Pit River Jess Valley

Modoc Ranger Stations:
Modoc Forest Headquarters
Alturas CA
Big Valley District
Adin CA
Devil's Garden District
Alturas CA
Doublehead District
Tulelake CA
Warner Mountain District
Cedarville CA
Modoc BLM
Alturas CA
. Modoc National Forest
government web site

Modoc Backpacking

  • fire permits are required
  • permits are required for overnight backcountry camping
  • check with the correct ranger district for all back country camping restrictions

Trail head parking spots located at:

  • East Creek/Emerson Peak (South Warner)
  • Summit/Pepperdine (Warner Mountain)
  • Pine Creek (West Warner Mountain)
  • Clear Lake / Mill Creek Falls (South Warner)
  • Summit/Patterson (South Warner)

    Modoc Back Roads

    Best to get a week off of work, tune up that vehicle & go! Modoc is the uncrowded territory in the far north east corner of the state. Rivers, Ranches & plenty of space!! After the long drive to get up here you will just wanna spend it relaxing near a creek, fishing, driving dirt roads exploring & soaking in the nature. This place has it all.. from country meadow to raging water.

    • Modoc Road # 64 - South Warners

    • Modoc Road # 5 - West Warners

    • Modoc Road # 64 - South Warners

    • Modoc Road # 64 - South Warners

    • Modoc Road # 64 - South Warners

    Cow Town = Alturas, CA


    The warm season - is short up here in northeast Cali. The high desert, mountain range and valleys border the western edge of the Great Basin, which makes up most of the state of Nevada. Fair-weather campers should plan your visit to Modoc country MAY-OCT. Fishing, camping, trails - mountain biking, hiking, horseback, backpacking - wilderness, secluded lakes, waterfalls, flowing creeks (all year long), wide open open meadows and forests. All that natural beauty, with neat volcanic geology underfoot, of course. Hot Springs can be found on the east side of the Warner Mountains, near Cedarville, CA

    California Camping

    Modoc Campgrounds

    These sites listed below are among the smallest & most remote in the Modoc area. The campgrounds located closest to highways usually fill up fast & can attract all types of campers. For the seclusion, head a few miles off the main roads & enjoy the silence.

    campground elev. spots veg toilet water descr
    A.H. Hogue 6700' 24 pines vault piped July-Oct
    Ash Creek 4800' 7 pines vault creek May-Oct, fish
    Big Sage Reservoir 5100' 6 - vault lake May-Oct, boat
    Blanche Lake 6500' - - vault lake July-Oct
    Bull's-eye Lake 6500' - pines vault lake July-Oct
    Cave Lake 6600' 6 pines vault piped 4x4 camp, July-Oct
    Cedar Pass 5900' 17 pines vault creek May-Oct
    Cottonwood Flat 4700' 10 pines vault spring May-Oct
    Emerson 6000' 4 pines vault no 4x4 camp, July-Oct
    Headquarters 6700' 9 pines vault piped Medicine Lake, July-Oct
    Hemlock 6700' 19 pines vault piped Medicine Lake, July-Oct
    Howard's Gulch 4700' 11 - vault piped May-Oct
    Jane's Reservoir 5100' - - vault lake fish, boat, May-Oct
    Lava Camp 4400' 12 - vault no May-Oct
    Lower Rush Creek 4400' 10 pines vault piped May-Oct
    Lassen Creek 4700' - - vault creek May-Oct
    Medicine Lake 6700' 22 pines vault piped Medicine Lake, July-Oct
    Mill Creek Falls 5700' 19 pines vault piped falls, June-Oct
    Patterson 7200' 5 pines vault piped July-Oct
    Payne Springs 6500' 6 pines vault no July-Oct
    Pepperdine 5680' 5 pines vault piped July-Oct
    Plum Valley 5600' 7 pines vault creek June-Oct
    Reservoir C 4900' 6 - vault lake May-Oct
    Reservoir F 5000' 6 - vault lake May-Oct
    Soup Springs 6800' 14 pines vault piped June-Oct
    Stowe Reservoir 6200' 14 - vault piped May-Oct
    Upper Rush Creek 5200' 13 pines vault piped May-Oct
    Willow Creek 5200' 8 - vault piped fish, May-Oct

    Primitive Camping

    For those who like more solitude and prefer to camp outside of developed campgrounds, there are plenty of options all over Modoc. From BLM lands to National Forest, Wilderness backcountry and hidden fishing lakes, Modoc has space for everyone. Grab a campfire permit from the ranger station and head to the hills.

    Whether you're a full time RVer wanting to find the boon-docking spots, or a car camper just passing through wanting a free overnight camp, there are enough dirt roads and secluded spots to satisfy all. Winter camping up here involves snow and ice, so come prepared. BTW, winter can last from October to May. On occasion, it has been known to snow during June up in the North State.

    California Hikers

    Modoc Hiking

    See above for Modoc Wilderness Areas and trail heads - mostly inside Warner Mountain area. The lakes listed below provide excellent wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation. Many are hard to reach in winter months, due to deep snow.

    Modoc Blue Lake

    Modoc Lakes & NorCal Camping Lakes

  • Big Sage Campground
  • Blanche Lake Campground
  • Blue Lake Modoc
  • Cave Lake 4x4
  • Clear Lake Reservoir, Modoc
  • Goose Lake
  • Medicine Lake
  • Reservoir C (Big Sage Reservoir)
  • Stough Reservoir & Campground

  • Camp Blue Lake

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    California Weekends

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