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...and where you can't take it!

it's simple - keep our roads open, stay on the damn trail!

Miles & miles of dirt roads in California are getting closed every year due to mis-use, wilderness protection & endangered species. Please obey signs & help prevent damage to existing roads & trails. Over use, tearin' it up, free wheelin' will only lead to trail erosion and the closing of more off road routes.


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    Sport Utility Vehicles are like excuses; everybody's got one! Each year, thousands of Californians drive their gas guzzlers all over the state, on the freeways, to the mall, all over town. For most, they're "making a statement" and have no intentions of ever off-roading. Allowing their tires to touch the dirt roads was never in their thoughts, but at least they look like they could if they wanted to. For others, those with an adventurous side, the new sport wagons, AWD (all wheel drive) and 4WD (4 wheel drive) vehicles open up a whole new world of exploration and weekend excitement.

    wild-2-Mild the rig

    secluded campingdeserts

    Your eyes sparkled when you first gazed at your new vehicle. The places you could go; the vast wilderness to explore and the terrain you could conquer. Advertisements bombard us daily with the adventure and lure of secluded camp spots and the great fun that awaits us all. Yet most of these "yuppie-mobiles" will never see the dirt roads they were purchased for. They are merely modern day station wagons, forever shuttling the masses between soccer practice and the mall. Venturing off the beaten path can be difficult when you're stuck in the daily grind. We can help you break free from your imaginary chains & find a new path for life and that sport utility of yours.

    Hard core or basic off-road enthusiast will enjoy special organizations and groups dedicated to responsible off-roading -
    Find locals, new roads & trails (and remember 4x4 is not always a necessity for exploration & adventure).

    California REGIONAL Off Road Clubs

    Southern California

    Big Bear
    San Diego
    Los Angeles

    Central California

    Bay Area
    San Joaquin Valley
    Sierra Region
    Central Coast

    Northern California

    Sierra Region

    Vehicle Specific Clubs: the best 4x4 vehicle!

    After the Hike

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    OHV - Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Areas
    SVRA - State Vehicle Recreation Areas

    Be sure to check out Off Road Tours

    California Desert Roads

    High Sierra Roads

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    California Weekends

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