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DEC: Death Valley Xmas
FEB: Red Rock Mojave
MAR: Baja Hot Springs

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Take the holidays "off" this year. Less traffic, less shopping, less everything. Away from the city, away from work, well away. Enjoy a leisurely drive to the country, time for yourself, take the kids somewhere new & different, visit small towns with village shops. Imagine a weekend - at uncrowded scenic spots. California small towns. Total Escape specializes in bringing you this stuff!

Total Escape is a directory of California attractions "Off the Beaten Path". Thousands of local links & ideas for weekend getaways, camping & vacations. Online 9 years, with tons of real photos, of real places, these pages will help create your custom made adventure or weekend getaway. No chain hotels, No amusement parks, No Vegas!

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Imagine taking your loved one up, up & away, in a hot air balloon. A once in a lifetime balloon ride is a special treat that will last a lifetime - with memories of your fun day together. Areas include: SD, Palm Springs, Wine Co & more. Many outfitters offer gift certificates too, so you can let your adventure partner choose the exact dates.
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Whether your a seasoned pro or a first time beginner, snow mobiling in the Sierras can be a fantastic experience. See the hidden backcountry with a winter wonderland fresh coat of snow. Some of the best uncrowded areas to explore are the Sierra NF, near Huntington Lake, certain parts of Tahoe NF or Northern Cal, near Shasta.
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Mammoth & Tahoe just got a good dumping last week. The recent winter storm produced 42" at Mammoth Pass, so the lifts are open & ready for your holiday cheer. Now you can book a ski weekend online! Heavenly & Squaw Valley have teamed up with Viator to bring you package deals. Reserve a ski condo or cozy mtn cabin.
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California Weekends

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