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California Photos
California maps
For the past 10 years, Total Escape has been giving not only useful information about California's back roads, but plenty of great photographs to accompany these destinations. We believe in the beauty of nature to speak for itself. That's why you will find so many LARGE scenic images on this site. Click to expand your vision!

Places you never knew were so close - are now just a click away. Traveling thousands of miles, Total Escape ventures outside the city and county limits, to research the rural highways & back roads of California for you. Offering thousands of images, plus thousands of pages of real content, Total Escape continues to expand, collecting maps, GPS waypoints, the latest gear, and leading the way for all you fellow travelers...
California Style!
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California Ghost Towns
Ready to try something really different? How about a vacation to an abandon town! California rich mining history lends itself to a whole wonder of possibilities with caves, caverns, mines and deserted ghost towns. Most are located in eastern California, the desert regions or Sierra Nevada mountains and may require you to drive your vehicle on a dirt road. Gold Country located in the foothills of the Sierra has the tourists, but Mojave's got the ghost.
California Hot Springs
Soak you worries away in natures bath. Imagine a river rock tub overlooking the river, with an ever-flowing natural hot springs. Mineral waters from the depths of the earth, to nourish and harmonize your tired body. Expand your mind and body in a very relaxed state, surrounded by lush trees, granite boulders, healing waters and stargazing the heavens. Quaint hotels, cabins, RV resorts, wilderness camps, from mountains to deserts, California has 'em.
California Wineries
The wine industry just keeps expanding, especially here in California, where the rolling sunny hills plus coastal moisture keeps things just perfect. Hot air balloon rides, glider flights, horseback trails and oak hillside picnics await you - in the many destinations labled the 'California Wine Country'. The most notable regions include coastal and mountain foothills. Eight different regions within California, plus some in Baja!
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California Weekends

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