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Total Escape is a directory of California attractions "Off the Beaten Path". Thousands of local links & ideas for weekend getaways, camping & vacations. Online over a decade, with tons of real photos, of real places, these unique pages will help create your custom made adventure or weekend getaway. And everything is local to you California! No chain hotels, No amusement parks, No Vegas!

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4x4 Los Padres Mineral King pescadero
pine mountain
If you wanna mountain destination that is located close to SoCal, then the alpine village of Pine Mountain may be what your seeking. Plenty outdoor recreation, from hiking to golf, yoga retreats, local festivals, mountain biking to wheeling. This small cabin community is surrounded by Los Padres National Forest, with great camping nearby.
mineral king
Inside the subalpine valley of Sequoia National Park is a small resort town called Silver City. At the very end of the road is the infamous Mineral King, a backpackers dream, with high elevation access to the Sierra backcountry. You can find cabins for rent or stay overnight at one of 2 campgrounds: Atwell Mill & Cold Springs. Waterproof map of this area.
Need a quick get-away close to San Francisco? Perhaps a day trip from the East Bay? Check out the gorgoeus coastline north of Santa Cruz. Wineries & beaches are closeby. Stay the night in a creekside barn or bed & breakfast. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a State Historic Park & has overnight accommodations run by Hosteling International.
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