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California Road Trips

Total Escape wants to be your local travel resource, for California & the westcoast. We list no chain hotels, no amusement parks & no casinos. Our deal is nature, mother earth & you know you need it: Glad you're finally here! See small town California, lakes, parks, forests & more.

Offroad Moto Cali

Eureka Tents
Yosemite Gold Country Klamath River Rafting Big Sur Camping
murphy's ranch
Gold Country California at it's finest. This quaint forest village has restaurants, shops and historic inns. Camping, rivers and wilderness are all closeby. Caverns tours, gold mining history and a nice pub in town. A rural location, East of Angels Camp, off of historic Highway 49, is a good weekend away that is centrally located.
happy camp
Tucked way up north in a big river canyon, very few communities in NorCal call this waterway home. Happy Camp CA is located on the Klamath River along Hwy 96, inside the Klamath NF, between the Red Buttes Wilderness and the Marble Mountain Wilderness. River rafting, kayaking, fishing & cabins!
gorda, big sur
The Central Coast California is often known for it's majestic beauty and redwoods groves. Numerous waterfalls, state parks and campgrounds line the coast. This grocery-n-gas stop is called Gorda, meaning phat, like the view. The southern Big Sur coastline: beaches, cliffs and big ocean. Hike, picnic, mountain bike, off-road, or camp out.
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California Weekends

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