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top 20 questions that DanaMite hears often:

California Escapes
Where is your favorite place to camp?
Aren't you afraid of bears?
You go out there alone?
How often do you camp?
Can you list my California business?
How does Total Escape make money online?
When is the next meteor shower?
You lead guided tours too?
That is only a 2 wheel drive vehicle?
Any secluded campgrounds near me?
Why don't you list chain hotels?
Can I camp near a lake in Southern California?
What is the closest hot springs?
How many hours drive from here?
What about bathing?
You travel down to Baja - in Mexico?
How long have you been doing this?
How do you find these places?
Why are you still single?
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the back roads
These are the places to find your seclusion, your private creek campsite, your perfect outdoorsy weekend, your own serenity. Best to have a few good maps too.
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Each time you make a purchase thru this web site, you insure that Total Escape will continue for another decade to come. Providing you with more valuable content for California travel.
california outside
An ever increasing amount of California data means we must constantly re-work this web site. This section is the latest in our project to organize it all.
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California Weekends

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