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    Wildflower Maps Total Escape has the maps to get you out there, way out there to wilderness - and back. This is all local, outdoors, and all for you California - off the beaten path.

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    California Deserts ... California Wildflowers
    desert camping
    The grand land of California with a lotta desert. Slot canyons, fossils, wind caves, petrogylphs, sand dunes, dry lakebeds, hot springs, sunshine and the driest air. Camp out among large boulders - with the campfire light bouncing off the highest walls, all for free. 4x4 up to mining relics, camps and ghost towns. Stake a tent in the largest joshua tree forest - located in Mojave (not in Joshua Tree NP).
    calif wildflowers
    California is warming up this Spring and we have wildflowers everywhere. Defrosting mountain slopes still have skiing at Tahoe and Mammoth areas, but make sure you stop at a hot springs for a free soak - and check out some lil wildflowers along Hwy 395. You deserve a weekend away - Camping or cabin rentals, we have it covered. Find California cabins and cottages.
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    California Weekends

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