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    Wildflower Maps Summer has officially begun with warmer temps and longer road trips. CalTrans work crews are out in force this season, so have alternate routes planned, with extra maps within reach. Snowpack is melting in the high country, waterfalls are pouring and big water is flowing in the Sierra Nevada. Total Escape has the maps to get you out there, way out there to wilderness - and back. This is all local, outdoors, and all for you California - off the beaten path.

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    Summer weekends should not be consumed by home improvements and projects. You need to get outside and breathe, deep. We can help you find rivers and lakes, cabin rentals, streamside camping or hot springs resorts - all local, all within California, some for free. Your forest maps are waiting to be used. Get that old dusty compass out, or your rarely used GPS and follow DanaMite to the hidden passages in the California Wilderness. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, hot springs, sunshine and the deepest forest. Camp outside of developed campgrounds with a campfire permit, and save cash!
    calif lakes
    California is warm, so we now have mountain wildflowers hidden in the canyons, especially along waterways and lakes. Big time snow melt is still happening in the high country, with the Sierra Nevada mountain slopes pouring water. Top destinations include Tahoe and Mammoth, but Total Escape can show you all small towns, rural surrounding regions. Make a stop at a hot springs for a free soak near Hwy 395. Campgrounds above 7000' elevation may still be closed, so call ahead to find out. Rangers phone numbers for California National Forests. Find California cabins and cottages.
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