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Southern California Wineries

SoCal Wineries, Winery
Southern California Vineyards

Anza California
Anza Scape

Baja California Mexico

Inland Empire Vineyards
Riverside, San Bernardino & Yucaipa

Julian Winery

Escondido Winery

Los Angeles Wineries
L.A. Wine Tasting
Antelope Valley Winery

Ojai Wineries

Orange County

Ramona Wineries

San Diego County Wineries

Temecula Wineries
Temecula Valley Vineyards

Ventura Wineries

Ojai Orchards
Ojai Orchards


Baja Wineries

Baja California Mexico Winery
Baja Wineries
Vinicola MX Vineyards

La Cetto Vinicola

Ensenada, Tecate & Valle de Guadalupe

Barón Balché
Juanita Beltrán S/N
22750 Ejido El Porvenir (Guadalupe)
Baja California, Mexico

Bichi Winery
21507 Tecate
Baja California, Mexico

Casa Frida
Rancho San Marcos S/N
22755 Ejido El Porvenir (Guadalupe)
Baja California, Mexico

Casa Veramendi Estate Winery
Carretera Libre Mexicali-Tijuana Km 117.5
Rancho La Ciénega
21506 Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

Château Camou
Domicilio Conocido  S/N
22785 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Cieli Winery
Ruta de Vinicola,
22756 Ensenada
Valle de Guadalupe,
Baja California, Mexico

Claudius Vine and Wine Cellar
Blvd. Sharp 3722, Amp Lucio Blanco
22710 Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Clos de Tres Cantos
Carretera Tecate-Ensenada km 89.5 S/N
22755 Villa de Juárez
Baja California, Mexico

Decantos Vinicola
Rancho San Miguel Fraccion A, S/N,
22755 Ejido El Porvenir (Guadalupe)
Baja California, Mexico

Domecq Winery
México 3 73,
22750 Ejido El Porvenir (Guadalupe)
Baja California,, Mexico

Hilo Negro Winery
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

La Casa de Doña Lupe
Parcela 72-92 Rancho La Gotita S/N
22750 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

La Cetto, Valle de Guadalupe
Dirt road to La Cetto, Valle de Guadalupe

L.A. Cetto Boutique
Km 73.5, carretera Tecate, El Sauzal
22750 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Paralelo Winery
Carretera Tecate-Ensenada Km. 73.
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Rancho Chico
21553 Tecate
Baja California, Mexico

Three Valleys Wine
Vinos Tres Valles
Lerdo de Tejada & Ignacio Comonfort
22766 Villa de Juárez
Baja California, Mexico

Vena Cava Winery
Rancho San Marcos S/N
22750 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Viña de Frannes
Camino Vecinal al rancho Cañada del trigo
22750 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Viña de Liceaga
México 3 km 93, 22766 Villa de Juárez
Baja California, Mexico

Viñedos Villarino
Ensenada – Lázaro Cárdenas, Ejido Ajusco
Santo Tomás
Baja California, Mexico

Wine Barrels

Vineyard Solar Fortún
C. 10, Francisco Zarco, 22750 Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Vinícola Encino de Piedra
Km 10 Carretera Tecate-Ensenada, Tecate
Baja California, México

Vinícola Vintango
Valle de Guadalupe Km 93.5 Carretera Ensenada a Tecate San Antonio de las Minas
22750 Ensenada
Baja California, Mexico

Vinícola Xecue
Km. 89 + 100 Carr #3 Tecate
Villa de Juárez
Baja California, Mexico

Vinisterra Vitivinícola
Calle Miguel, Lerdo de Tejada 466
22766 Villa de Juárez
Baja California, Mexico

Vinos Bibayoff
Rancho Toros Pintos
Dom conocido Valle de Guadalupe
22700 Ensenada
Baja California, Mexico

Vinos Lechuza
Carretera Tecate-Ensenda Km 82.5
Francisco Zarco
Valle de Guadalupe
Baja California, Mexico

Vinos Tanama
México 3 Km 7.5
Rancho Guadalupe
21500 Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

Wine Making in Baja

VacuSeal Wine Saving
VacuSeal Wine Saving

Air Travel

California Airplanes & Travel

Baja Mexico Flights
Best Times to Fly
Cheapest Airfares
California Local Air Charters
Sightseeing Flights
Small Town Airports

Air planes burn major fuel. More than one-tenth of all transportation-related carbon emissions across the United States comes from air travel, according to the EPA.

Estimates say rail travel emits less than one-third of the CO2 relative to what air travel does. Consider a longer journey, taking in more scenery and traveling by train; California has lots of options.

San Diego Harbor from above.


airportBiggest destination airports in California

SAN – San Diego

SFO – San Francisco

LAX – Los Angeles

ONT – Ontario

SMF – Sacramento

Popular connector flights include – 

  • RENO, NV
Flights to Sacramento

Best Times to Fly

Time of the Flight:
Book a flight before 7:00 am or after 7:00 pm. Also, Saturday & Sunday flights may eligible for off-peak pricing.

Day of the Week:
Certain fares are priced lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays

Holiday Travels:
Days surrounding a holiday or 3 day weekend are usually not the best choice for a deal. These are considered “blackout” days. Try to get a “red-eye” (late night) flight just before the holiday rush.

Six major airlines control nearly three-quarters of the air market & airfare prices.

Keys to savings:

Be flexible. Jump on bargain prices and then figure out why you want to go there. If you must travel to Point B for a specific visit, only purchase during deep sale periods.

Familiarize yourself on discount airline routes. You may be able to travel to a city within 150 miles of your final destination, but save hundreds in doing so.

Check out the number of Internet sites that sell tickets below the official, or published fares. Many offers are completely non-refundable and not exchangeable for other travel dates.

How to fly on a private jet for under $150 per person

San Diego airport take off

California – Local Air Charters

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

JSX – JetSuite Air

Premier Air Charter, LLC
San Diego, CA

LGB – Long Beach Airport
serving: Mammoth, Reno, South Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon

Desert Jet Service
Palm Springs, CA
800-381-JETS (5387)

Sierra Aviation
703 Airport Rd. #A
Bishop, CA
760- 872-2202


Sightseeing Flights

Small Town Airports
Rural California and Remote Destinations

California A to Z

Municipal airports, county air fields, remote landing strips, regional air port links are now listed individually on the town pages under local links.


Baja Air Services

Aero Mexico

Cabo San Lucas
La Paz
Los Cabos

Los Padres National Forest

Popular Airline Deals !

California Car Rentals

Auto Rentals, 4×4 Rentals
in and around California

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Automotive Rental Agencies
Baja Car Rentals
Bus Service / Tours
Camper Van Rentals
Van Build-out Shops

Hummer Rentals
Jeep Rentals
Motorcycle Rental
Off Road Rentals
SUV Rentals
Trucks 4×4 / 4WD
RV Motorhome Rental

4x4    califrepublic    camptruck

Tobin Bridge California
Tobin Bridge California
Queen Lily bridge, Caribou Road, North Feather River

Auto Rental Service Agencies

Alamo 844-354-6962
Budget 800-218-7992
Enterprise 855-266-9289
Hertz 800-654-3131


Rent-A-Wreck San Francisco, CA 877-877-0700
Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.
hwy highway

june lake loop
June Lake Loop is a popular spot for Autumn Colors


Paved roads are the main highways in Baja, everything else is usually DIRT

Baja California Mexico Car Rentals

Some San Diego car-rental companies will rent vehicles for driving into Baja California & will provide Mexican auto-insurance. Franchises below can have location drop offs & pick-ups in the US or over the border in MX.

Costa Mesa, CA 949-200-3367

AVIS Rent a Car
San Diego, CA 619-688-5000
Otay Tijuana 619-588-1309
Mexico 800-770 2847
Baja California Norte, Mexico

800-800-4000 MX & SD
San Diego Airport San Diego, CA
Tijuana, Baja California

ENTERPRISE 855-266-9289
San Diego, CA 619-696-5000
Mexicali, BC 686-514 2406
en Español 1-877-416-0000


Trucks, Vans, Jeeps, SUV, 4×4 vehicles

Baja Insurance
Buy Baja Insurance online

Toyota Sequoia in Lakes Basin Recreation Area
Access more roads w/ a Sport Utility Vehicle

SUV and 4×4 Rentals

These days most all car rental agencies have Sport Utility Vehicles for rent, but if you need 4 wheel drive for your trip, then make sure 4WD is an option.


Hard core roads: 4×4 may be needed to reach secluded camp sites in California.

Click below for off-road rentals all around California, from fully outfitted Jeeps (for a week) to quick quad rentals at the dunes (for a few hours).

4 wheel drive rentals = 4×4 Rentals

Overland Jeep Rentals w/ camping roof top tent and gear;
ATV and Quads @ beach sand dune park


snow & ice?

Heading up to the mountains for anything fun? then you better ask rental car company about snow forecast and tire chains – or buy some in route.

OFF ROADING, for sure

If you plan to drive on serious dirt roads for hundreds of miles, a week of camping, rock crawling mountains, take a spin on the desert sand dunes, or want to drive into Mexico, then you will need extra insurance. Ask and expect to pay $$$.

Drive It – like a rental. (Chris Perosi) Moab UT – Crawloween 2000