Campfire Safety

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Building Camp Fires in California

  • Obtain a free campfire permit, for campfires outside of developed campgrounds
  • Camp with a bucket, water, shovel &/or a fire extinguisher
  • Build campfires in designated areas ONLY; Obey all fire restrictions
  • If you must build a new rock ring, follow the guide on FireSafe
  • Gather wood for fuel — use only down or dead wood
  • Never burn plastics or other toxic materials in campfires; Gasoline geysers are not eco-friendly
  • Tossing beer bottle caps into a campfire only litters the site for future campers
  • While amateur glass bottle smelting is a real treat for boys at night, which one is actually gonna get their hands dirty & clean up broken glass outta the campfire the following morning?
  • Always douse campfire with water completely & stir it, when breaking camp
  • See more on the California FireSafe page