Memorial Day California

Memorial Day Trips

Late May is a fine time to be in California. Spring is warming up, rains are fading and school is finally out. This 3 day holiday weekend known as Memorial Day weekend, unofficially kicks off the start to the summer season and launches us into warmer weather. Most folks wanna be outside and having fun on their days off. BBQs, family picnics and street fair traditions are quite common. The Sierra snows are melting fast, rivers are raging, wildflowers blooming and all the lakes are full. The coastal areas may have some clouds and fog as the June Gloom announces its presence.

Memorial Day Weekend

Camping in California is one of the most popular things to do over the busy holiday weekend, making any well-known outdoor destination congested and unpleasant. Campgrounds are usually full up and reservations are required. The first come, first serve camp spots are best secured on the Thursday night, before the weekend.

You should try to have a secondary Plan B ready, if your favorite campsite (A) is already taken. Free camp fire permits and primitive camping can often mean more responsibility, but the rewards of peace and tranquility as neighbors are well worth it. Drive a bit further down the road for more secluded spots. This year, a 4×4 might be recommended on snowy dirt back roads in the backcountry. A good snow pack in the High Country means that all rivers, creeks and lakes are maxed out. Use extreme caution around all waterways, wear life vests and make your weekend a pleasant and safe one.


Memorial Day California

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