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snow in Cali

You're working too much, the holiday stresses have taken their toll, now it's time for the real vacation. The much needed weekend that YOU deserve.

Start the year off right by learning how to 'get away' more often, closer to home, for less cash. Call in sick to work but justify it as your 'mental health day'.

For your sanity sake get-outta town!

top 20 reasons
to break away from your daily routine

  1. You nearly divorced your entire family over the holiday
  2. You need to get back to nature and enjoy outside more
  3. You like to breathe fresh air
  4. You need a new perspective on life
  5. You haven't driven past the county line in years
  6. You like to drive scenic roads
  7. You must get a physical routine going - excercise
  8. You want to improve your survival skills, outdoors
  9. We don't get a white winter like this every year.
  10. Your boss is a tight-ass & only gave you holidays off
  11. Your paid vacation days will be lost soon. Use 'em or loose 'em.
  12. You spent too much money on holiday gifts, so what's another 100 bucks?
  13. You desire romance, however far it has to be: a sweet little bed & breakfast, a cozy mountain cabin, or even secluded desert camping
  14. You always wanted to try a natural hot springs : Spa Resort or Primitive
  15. You need to brush up on your board games with old friends & a snowy mountain cabin sounds like the perfect place.
  16. Your nerves! Anxiety meds or anti-depressants no longer work.
  17. Traffic sucks, so leave on Thursdays instead.
  18. Learn how to really snowboard or ski. This may as well be the year.
  19. Your stress level is so high it is starting to affect you physically.
  20. Baja has been calling you for a long time games


Relax & Try:

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ghost towns

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