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where to camp Cold weather doesn't have to put a damper on your outdoor sleeping. Local California deserts are the perfect place to get away from the city & explore some new terrain -almost any time of the year. Low temperatures can be quiet moderate & very sunny pleasant days while still storming back on the coast. Small propane tent heaters can make nightime toastie in your tent. Drive your SUV, RV or car out to the deserts for some new experiences and geology wonders. Slot canyons to barren mountain tops; Jumbo boulders to sandy washes; Palm groves to ghost towns. Camp in remote canyons on BLM land or pitch a tent in scenic Park. Ride motocross bikes or quietly study fossils. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the desert. But beware of the poppy stompers.

coyote cyn

NOTE: Setting up your tent in a soft sandy wash might seem appealing, but remember not to do this if there is serious rain predicted. Always check the weather:

Anza Borrego Averages
Joshua Tree Desert
Mojave Weather Online
Death Valley

Bright sunny mild temperature days are a common sight in the winter months. Where Spring & Fall can also be pretty enjoyable. Summer tends to be very hot, dry & unbearable.

In the winter & springtime the desert will never see the rain that the coast California sees, unless it is s a big winter storm. The deserts usually lie in the "rain shadow" . Nearby mountains will suck most of the precipitation out of the clouds before they dampen the sandy cacti floor.

Never think of camping in a sandy desert wash on a good threat of rain. These carved appealing landscapes can turn into flowing muddy rivers in a short hour. Also be warned that wind gust can pick up on edges, cliffs & peaks.

 picnic at Joshua Treetreadlightly
water in the desert

 panamint valley

State Park / National Park / Forest
... What's the Difference?

Desert Mountain Biking Areas

CA mountain bike books
Mtn Biker's Training Bible

Randsburg, CA Darwin California Ballarat Ghost Town
Red Rock Canyon Saline Valley Mojave National Preserve
Fossil Cyn, Anza Lone Pine CA Olancha CA
Canon Sin Nombre Afton Canyon Kelbaker Boulders
Palm Desert CA Yucca Valley CA Pioneertown CA

Desert Back Roads: 2WD, AWD & 4WD Exploration
2WD backroads

Anza Borrego Desert has so many dirt roads to wander. The wildflowers will be in bloom March-May. So make a point to get out and use that sport utility vehicle this year. There are plenty of back roads to discover. A topo or back country map is advised.

Get that SUV out there... why don't ya?


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