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Keep it Coated!

The dry air on the west coast can leave the interior of your nose sensitive & begging for moisture. Any kinda humidity. In order to keep your outdoor activities running smoothly, make sure your nose gets some attention once a day. At night befor bed, blow out all that dust you accumulated from off-roading, take a shot of nasal spray (only if you need it) & then slap some moisturizer up in them holes. Vaseline works great!

Tissues instead of TP

Even tho toilet paper can serve as a decent substitute for blowing your honker, the daily wear & tear over many days can leave your nose raw & sensitive. Make sure you keep you snout moisturized inside & out with Vaseline. Try to carry a small box of facial tissue in your vehicle for such purposes. This tissue box will come in handy when a girl needs to call a bush her bathroom stop. She will be thanking you for being so prepared later.

Pack it out! Kleenex or Puffs .. makes no difference on brand. Just don't forget to get some.


Nose Spray

This product is needed by many folks to keep sinuses clear & allergy pollens free from sinuses. Many now are Non-medicated sterile saline solution that may make your life easier outdoors. Little Noses brand is a mild alcohol free one for daily use.

Sneezing & Allergy Help

If you love nature but not the springtime pollen, these items can help you get more enjoyment from your days outside:

Benadryl Allergy Kapseals


Allergy & Sinus Headache, Gelcaps from Benadryl may come in handy for elevation changes.

Camp clean

Don't forget your suncreen!


A bunch of these new wipes on the market have moisturizer built in. Perfect for the dry conditions your face will experience while out & about.

Dove Clothes

Kleenex Cottonelle


tentsThe majority of you will wanna blow your nose in the morning when you wake up, due to the excessive dust and pollen outside. Make sure you bring that box of tissue inside your tent before you retire for the evening. A bottle of water, eye drops, your watch, sunglasses & lip balm, plus a flashlight would also be advised. Bandanas can doubl as a hanky, creek washabale and easy to dries in minutes by hanging it out in the sun.


vaseline for all

A small tube of Vaseline can help keep you lubed up all over. Your poor nose could use some to prevent dryness. Your lips can benefit from a smudge every now & then, if you forgot the lipbalm. Plain old Vaseline can even stand in for body lotion when you are desperate. ( dry elbows, sore feets, chapped hands)

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