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Sequoia Balch Park

Tule River waterfalls


In part of the Sequoia National Forest, lies a hidden gem of State Forest land worth visiting.

. fishing
Dip in the chilly Tule River

Nearby cities & towns:

Camp Nelson

Balch County Park
located within the Mountain Home State Forest is a popular destination for the locals who know about it. 71 campsites. first come basis.

fishing ponds
A small pond for fishing near Balch Park

Meadows, mountain peaks, streams, waterfalls, huge granite rocks & cliffs are all over. Plus some secluded groves of Giant Sequoia trees.

Area activities include:

    • Back Road Exploration
    • Fishing
    • Hiking
    • Tule River (North Fork)
    • Camping
    • Balch County Park



Shake Camp - access to Golden Trout Wilderness.

A USDA Forest Service Map is highly advised for this area. There are many dirt roads & trails in order to get to some of these spots. This lush pine forest is convenient & close to Bakersfield & Fresno. Camping is allowed any place on mineral soil 100 feet from trail or water. (no camping on meadows) Ground fires are very allowed with fire permit. Check with the correct ranger district for all back country camping rules.

Ranger Stations:
Forest Hdqrts.
Tule River Dist.

Mosquitos can be annoying in these parts. Bring lots of chemical warfare!


This area is filled with old logging roads that lead to lush Sequoia forest & meadows. Be aware of the Forest Service Signage & have a good map on hand. It is easy to get lost & you may end up driving for hours.

click on campground name for photos & more descriptions

campground  elev.


 veg toilet water fee    comments
Moses Gulch


6 pines pit  river no on Tule River

  trailers not recommended

Hidden Falls


5  pines pit   river no on Tule River

  trailers not recommended

Shake Camp 



 pines pit   river no Backpack into Golden Trout Wilderness
Hedrick Pond



 sequoia vault    piped no

fishing pond  

fishing pond  

Frazier Mill







 Sequoia Grove

  trailers not recommended

Balch Park -







 fishing pond

forest signage


Decent signage leads you to back roads campgrounds and trail heads. Plenty of spots for horses back in these parts.

Roads open: May - October
due to winter snow closures

lush landscapes

Primitive Camping

No primitive camping within Mountain Home State Forest or Balch Park. Due to fire dangers around these majestic Sequoia trees. You must camp within the designated campgrounds.

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