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MIDDLE McCloud Falls, California
map shasta trinity river


other parks nearby:

  • Castle Crags State Park
  • BLM recreation areas
  • Wilderness Area Acres Maps
    Trinity Alps Wilderness 513,100 Map
    Castle Crags Wilderness 10,500 Hiking Map

    NFS Fire Lookout Tower / Cabin
    for rent

    more fire lookouts
    Nearby cities & towns:
    Castella CA
    Coffee Creek CA
    Dunsmuir CA
    Lakehead CA
    Lakeshore CA
    Lewiston CA
    McCloud CA
    Mount Shasta CA
    OBrien CA
    Redding CA
    Shasta CA
    Shasta Lake CA
    Trinity Center CA
    Weaverville CA
    Weed CA

    Backroad #19

    Backpacking Shasta

    Shasta Ranger Stations:
    Forest Headquarters
    Redding CA
    Yolla Bolly District
    Platina CA
    Hayfork District
    Hayfork CA
    Big Bar District
    Big Bar CA
    Shasta Cascade Guide
    Weaverville District
    Weaverville CA
    Shasta Lake District
    Redding CA
    Mount Shasta District
    Mt. Shasta CA
    McCloud District
    McCloud CA
    Shasta Trinity NF
    gov web site

    Access to both Shasta National Forest (east of I-5) and Trinity National Forest (west of I-5)
    • pine forests, convenient, close to Interstate 5 & Redding
    • ground fires are usually allowed
    • fire permits are required
    • permits are required for overnight backcountry camping
    • check w/ local ranger district for all back country restrictions
    • lakes, rivers, creeks, outdoor recreation abundant
    • snow sports and winter recreation

    shasta map

    Mount Shasta Backpacking

    Trailhead parking spots located at:

    Highway 89 (CA State Route 89)

  • Squaw Valley Trailhead (on Road #11)
  • Cabin Creek PCT (end of road #39N21)
  • Bartle Gap Trailhead (west of Deadhorse Summit)

    Mount Shasta

  • Green Butte Trailhead (end of Everett Hwy #A10)
  • Bunny Flat Trailhead (on Everett Highway #A10)
  • Sand Flat Trailhead (on Everett Highway #A10)
  • Clear Creek Trailhead (end of Road #41N15)
  • Brewer Creek Trailhead (off Road #42N05)
  • Whitney Falls Trailhead (on US Hwy 97)

    shasta hiking map

    Trinity National Forest

  • Scott Mountain PCT (Highway 3)
  • Bear Creek (Highway 3)
  • Eagle Creek, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Stoddard Lake, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Cabin Meadows Trailhead (off Road #41N03)
  • Parks Creek PCT (The Eddy's Road #17)
  • Middle Boulder (off Road #40N17 near Callahan)
  • Carter Meadows Summit (on Road #1C02 near Cecilville)

    Trinity Alps Wilderness & Trinity Lake

  • Boulder Creek (on Road #104)
  • Big Flat (end of Road #104)
  • Boulder Lake, Coffee Creek (off Hwy 3)
  • Stuart Fork, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Swift Creek, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Long Canyon, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Granite Creek, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)
  • Rush Creek, Trinity Alps (off Hwy 3)

    Lake Siskiyou & Castle Crags Wilderness

  • Gumboot Lake Trailhead (on Road #26)
  • Sisson Callahan (Siskiyou Lake on Road #26)
  • Soda Creek PCT (I-5)
  • Soapstone Trailhead (off Road #26)

  • trinity highway 3

    Shasta Backroads

    Northern California is littered with old logging roads. Great for SUV exploration & getting away from it all. This entire region is full of dispersed camping on dirt back roads . A free fire permit is required & then you won't deal with any crowds or campground fees this way.


    Heading north bound, Highway 3 skirts along Trinity Lake :
    small side roads head west to the Trinity Alps & dense forest OR east to Bowerman Ridge at Trinity Lk .

    Trinity Alps side


    Trinity lakeshore

    Road #115 & 134 loops
    35N23Y -- heads out to Long Canyon Trail Head & Mule Creek

    Road #123
    36N24 -- heads out to Swift Creek Trail Head & Lake Eleanor

    Road #37N55 -- loops to North Fork Swift Creek & Road #37N80Y -- intersects the above route, but this route is mostly inside private property

    Road #37N52 & 37N53 - heads west over to Boulder Lake Trail Head

    hiking trails

    Road #34N80 -- Tannery Gulch

    Road #160 - leads east to Bowerman Ridge Trail #36N12Y, located near Trinity Lake

    Rental Cabins & Fire Lookouts

    more USFS fire lookouts & cabins for rent

    Shasta Campgrounds shasta campground

  • Algoma Campground
  • Big Slide Campground
  • Tunnel Rock Campground
  • McBride Springs Campground
  • More Shasta Campgrounds

    trinity flora


    Primitive Camping camping

    Unlike Southern California, this is Northern California with plenty of space for everyone, lots of trees & tons of seclusion. This entire region is full of dispersed camping on dirt back roads . A free fire permit is required & then watch won't deal with any crowds or campground fees up this way.

    Shasta Hiking shasta area hiking shasta mountains hike

    The Trinity Alps Wilderness is an amazing place for backpackers. Offering numerous trailheads ( access listed in the backroads section above ). Small day hikes around Trinity Lake & all over this National Forest, lead to plenty of options for easy to moderate & even strenuous hikes. Shasta Mountain Guides for mountaineering

    McCloud Creek @ Algoma

    Shasta Area Lakes shasta boating shasta fishing marina at shasta shasta mountains lake

    trinity lake

    Northern California is all about rain and this is where there's a ton of water flowing & plenty lakes. If you are seeking a lake side campsite with no crowds, a private stream side cedar den for fishing, a secluded backroad with no one around for miles--this Trinity / Shasta area is probably the best choice area. Easily accessible, most scenic, & a very perfect place is awaiting you. Dream daily about camping & your imagination cannot even began to touch how green & lovely this place really is.

    fishing shasta

    Shasta Climbing & Mountaineering - Shasta Mountain Guides

    Summit Post Shasta - Mt. Shasta Mountaineering Routes

    Shasta Waterfalls

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