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Total Escape is a directory of California attractions "Off the Beaten Path". Thousands of local links & ideas for weekend getaways, camping & vacations. Online 10 years, with tons of real photos, of real places, these pages will help create your custom made adventure or weekend getaway. No chain hotels, No amusement parks, No Vegas!
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balloon rides
Up, up & away, in your beatiful balloon. An exhilarating ride is awaiting you. Way up, well above the smog, the traffic & the crowds. Sunsets views, vast vineyards & mountain vistas are only a small sampling of a SoCal ride. A once in a lifetime balloon ride is a special treat that will last a lifetime - with memories of your fun day together. Areas include: SD, Palm Springs, Wine Co & more. Many outfitters offer gift certificates too, so you can let your adventure partner choose the exact dates.
capitola beach
In between Santa Cruz & Monterey, lies the coastal village of Capitola. The steep cliffs that face the Monterey Bay are covered with hiking trails & the south facing beaches are perfect for the surfers. The fishing pier & sandy white beaches are favorite spots for visitors. The downtown scene is alive with excellent restaurants, interesting shops & night spots. Many small hotels and inns dot the scenic coastline. Make your coastal vacation destination memorable by visiting Capitola.
campfire safety
Here in California we have to be especially cautious with fire. From a small cigarette butt out the car window to an unattended campfire, nothing is too safe. Obtain a free fire permit if you plan to camp outside of developed campgrounds. The NFS rangers will instruct you to have the bare basics: a shovel, a bucket & some water. Winds can pick up at night & turn your campsite into a danger zone. Do not leave camp chairs near the fire ring, filled with embers & ready to ignite any acrylic item.
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