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Sick of the city rat race? Tired of traffic & people? Maybe you need a break. A real weekend away...well away. A convenient vacation, close to home, in your own backyard.

"But all the campgrounds & parks are so crowded these days" you say? No way. There are plenty hidden gems still left in California. If you are willing to do a little driving. From waterfalls, bed & breakfasts, riverside campsites & back woods Sierra Lakes, there is something cool out there that you haven't seen yet. Landscapes worth seeing. Places worth visiting. Stop the excuses & get out there.

ANYTIME is perfect time to travel & camp California

  • The weather is superb. The heat has set in, so head to the hills.
  • Avoid summertime crowds at the campgrounds. Camp primitive
  • Springtime greenery is still bursting in the higher elevations. wildflowers, rivers & creeks flowing, waterfalls.

highways in California If you are looking to break away from the daily grind of city life, find yourself an unheard-of destination, take a 'mental health' day off of work & go explore. Be prepared for anything! Don't be on a rigid schedule. Bring a good Map. Relax & really unwind. Take detours, follow hunches & just cruise. A scenic fence line with the cutest black-faced sheep you've ever seen. How about a dirt road that looked interesting? Are you hungry for a small road side cafe with decent food & charm. A quaint mountain cabin overlooking a valley. There is plenty vacations for all in California!

Some of the least visited areas in California, are of course, up North (or way down south in Baja California.)
National Forests get way less visitors than National Parks & State Parks.

Below are some destinations where you are less likely to find crowds:





Mountain Home State Forest
Monache Meadows
Klamath National Forest
Lassen National Forest
Cottonwood Horse Camp
Modoc National Forest
Shasta Trinity National Forest
Sierra National Forest
El Dorado National Forest
Los Padres National Forest
Pine Flat Reservoir
Tule River
Courtright Reservoir
June Lake
San Joaquin River
Mono Hot Springs
Clear Lake
Black Rock Reservoir
Convict Lake
American River
Remington Hot Springs
Wishon Reservoir
Green Valley Lake
Huntington Lake
Gold Lake
Trinity River
Lake Almanor
Lassen National Park
Calaveras State Park
Ancient Bristlecones
Mineral King
Bodie Ghost Town
Montana de Oro
Camp Nelson
Three Rivers
Pine Mountain
Lee Vining
Silver City
Crescent Mills
Todos Santos

Whether you are searching for that perfect camp spot or the luxury inn by the sea, Total Escape may have just what you're looking for. DanaMite has been traveling the back roads California for over 30 years, on the cheap! Road trips to rock crawling, there's a wide variety of recreation and destination within these pages.

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