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Total Escape is a massive collection of California photographs, landscapes and links. Practical info about road trips, recreation, hotels, travel ideas, adventures to be had. California's local travel guide to all the areas: Tahoe, Mammoth & much, much more. Featuring out-of-the-way spots & fresh unique ideas for weekend get-aways.

Back roads to coastal cliffs, small villages to ghost towns, remote regions, secluded camping spots, hot springs, fly fishing, antique shopping, historic bed & breakfasts... it's all here. Explore your Soul, Outdoors...California Style!

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Hey, not everyone is cut out for snow. Many of you moved out to Cali to get away from the winter weather. That's cool. There is something for everyone here out West. If you prefer sun over sledding & could care less about the white stuff, then the local California deserts are great winter playgrounds for you. You can camp out too (just bring a good bag)
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Whether your a seasoned pro or a first time beginner, snow mobiling in the Sierras can be a fantastic experience. See the hidden backcountry with a winter wonderland fresh coat of snow. Some of the best uncrowded areas to explore are the Sierra NF, near Huntington Lake, certain parts of Tahoe NF or Northern Cal, near Shasta.
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Mammoth & Tahoe just are gettin good dumpings. The recent winter storm track is dipping our way folks! That means the Sierra Passes are getting the dumping we need. Lifts are open & ready for your holiday cheer. Now you can reserve a full ski weekend online! Heavenly & Squaw have ski deals! Book ski condos or mountain cabins.
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