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    That which we share in our world is far more valuable than that which divides us. Total Escape wants to be your local travel resource, for California & the westcoast. We list no chain hotels, no amusement parks & no casinos. This is authentic Cali, al natural. Our deal is nature, wilderness, outside, mother earth & you know you need it: Glad you're finally here! Click photo above for discovering the Total Escape has California A to Z, every destination immaginable. Real places, parks, forest, rivers, lakes. Browse more than 10 years worth of real photos.

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    snow towns
    California saw it's first real snow of the season in mid October. Mammoth opened the whole mountain for skiing early this fall. June Mountain is up & running. Tahoe too. Plenty of small towns experince the white stuff on an annual basis. Find these magical winter wonderlands here, and plan your weekend away on this independent travel site.
    desert exploring
    Hey, not everyone is cut out for snow. Many of you moved out to Cali to get away from the winter weather. That's cool. There is something for everyone here out West. If you prefer sun over sledding & could care less about the white stuff, then the local California deserts are great winter playgrounds for you. You can camp out too (just bring a good bag)
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    California Weekends

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