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town.skidoo [ghost town]

Skidoo is more of a town site than a ghost town itself. Mine shafts & rotten wooden framework is all that is left - way out here in the boonies of Death Valley National Park. The dirt road access is suitable for passengers cars (most years) & a good topo map of the area will have you exploring more if you own an SUV or high clearance vehicle. On the way back to Hwy 190, look for the faint & easy to miss single track to Tucki Mine, located just to the north of Skidoo. Ardell thinks the ancient red headed giants live underground, back here in these remote parts of the Panamint range.

skidoo [ghost town], California

elevation: 4300'
zip code: 92328


high desert terrain with minimal historic structures & buildings

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Skidoo [Ghost Town]

Inyo County
S of Stovepipe Wells
off Wildrose Rd, off Hwy 190



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  • Death Valley National Park
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  • Panamint City, California
  • description:
    Old mining camp that somehow has been named a 'ghost town', although I didn't see any ghost, nor were there any old homes for the ghosts to live in. They may have been inside the mine shafts, which were deep, but I'm not crawling in too far to find out. We've all heard the 'falling in a mine stories'. Stay out & stay alive.

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    Warning for mine shafts
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