25S15 – Sequoia NF

Shirley Meadows: Forest Road# 25S15 – Sequoia National Forest

This route is paved from the small cabin community of Alta Sierra to the Shirley Meaows Ski Resort. Cross country skiing is popular out here. The road turns to dirt & continues on to become Rancheria Road, heading south thru the Greenhorn Mountains, towards the Kern River.

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Alder Creek & Alder Creek Campground with 13 camp sites @ 3900′, can be accessed via side route# 25S04. The 6000′ mountain range is lined with smaller spur dirt roads, some leading to old lumber mills. Evans Flat Campground @ 6100′ elevation has 20 camp spots, is approx. 5 miles from Shirley Mdws. Road#25S15 is marked as Kern County Rd# 465 as is decends into the agricultural valley east of Bakersfield.