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Conscious Life Expo


Conscious Life Expo

Enlightening lectures, workshops, food, vendors, and live music all 3 days.

Annual event: February
Los Angeles, CA



  • lectures
  • film festival
  • workshops
  • live music
  • permaculture
  • gourmet foods
  • exhibits
  • vendors

We live in an evolving universe, in an orgasmic nuclear dance of consciousness. Everything is changing, evolving, transforming. Wise men and women throughout history have tried to define the nature of the reality in which they found themselves. Myriad models have existed- most have fallen into the historical garbage heap, others cling by threads. We, these generations, are creating a new model.

The primary intention of the Conscious Life Conference and Exposition is simple: to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new world, a world based on new paradigms in science, in spirituality, in longevity, in local and global community, in relationship, in health and well-being.

The Expo is to bring us all together. This is a multi-day gathering of the tribes, a celebration of evolution and consciousness and a time to meet and do brainstorming sessions on who we are, where we are and where we are going.

Hilton Los Angeles Airport

Plastic Leavies

Cochella CA

Often misspelled as Cochella; Coachella, California is a small, agriculture desert town just east of Indio, way out past the green lawns of Palm Springs CA. Date palm groves, on the north edge of the Salton Sea. No one had ever heard of this area before the large, commercial, music festival took over. This concert event is a SoCal ritual for Spring, out in the desert east of Los Angeles; it attracts thousands every year with top performers always headlining.

Coachella Google Map & Photos

Coachella Valley Music
Annual event; April

Go Green Expo

The Go Green Expo will change not only the public’s perception of environmentalism (but also how events like this are produced and managed). Inviting companies large and small to showcase what they are doing to reduce their respective carbon footprint, consumers will have hands on experiences with “eco-friendly” alternatives to current everyday products and services.

Annual Events in L.A.

Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer Expo