Utah Red Dirt Roads

Zion waterfalla

Zion National Park after a huge thunderstorm afternoon (late summer)


Hiking trails? That’s pretty much all we did in Zion & Grand Cyn.(N. Rim) Angels Landing…great 5-6 hour hike in Zion! Major elevation gain, but well worth it. Did a small Canyon overlook trail with spectacular views espcially at sunset. Hiked into the Grand Cyn. on the North Kaibab trail, but it was covered in mule poop & was a pretty stinky trip. Wish I could have spent the day differently. Next time I hike into the canyon, I’ll remember to pick a trail that is NOT used by animals.
Explored the Narrows a bit, before the afternoon thunderstorm. It was flash flood season & we didn’t want to be caught in a slot canyon. 2 California men (bodies) were pulled out earlier last month. Rangers are serious when they warn about the dangers of hiking in the afternoon or even the wrong season. It was weird weather. Sunny one minute, stormy the next. Couple of thunder storms dumped on us at night. EEEkkk. My tent held up fine. Good big ole Coleman condo style..I love it! Didn’t get wet, no leaking.
My favorite campground (just E of Zion , N.Fork Virgin River – Ponderosa-Zion primtive camp) was inaccessible due to slick, muddy dirt roads. We tried, believe me… we really tried, but the “dirt roads are impassable when wet” notes all over the maps aren’t kidding. I just wanted to find out for myself. Ended up at a convenient (but expensive) campground just outside Zions East entrance station.
That Utah red clay dirt is very slippery. I got about 2-3 mi. up the road, before I loss control. Fish tailin’ all over & stopping on the edge of a cliff. Those small oak trees wouldn’t have braced my Amigo if I did go over. Scarey! My BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires were packed solid. No tread at all & you know me, NO 4 wheel drive either. Luckily, I had 2 very strong guys & a lot of patience. Using sticks to scrape some mud out, my friends pushing my vehicle & a tedious 11-point U-turn, we got outta that bad sitch. Headed down hill, slowly, cautiously & praying for gravel & pavement to start soon. A little dirty & a few minutes on cam-corder. It should be a fun experience to re-live through video later. Hey, whats that saying??….”that which does not kill us, makes us stonger”. I think I live by that motto.