CA Hills

CA hillHow high is a hill?

Vague answer is 1000 feet (305 meters)
Only 1000′ elevation to make it to mountain status

Mountain terrain and hills occupy approximately 36% of the Earth’s land area. In California we have plenty of both. The San Andreas fault does a great job at making that happen along the coast where the Pacific plate is sliding against the North American plate. On the peninsula called Point Reyes in San Francisco, there are rocks on the cliff that match those of Tehachapi, in the Southern Sierra, some 300 miles away.

California is rising from the ocean; the Sierra Nevada mountains prove it, as one of the fastest growing ranges on earth. The lunar landscape of Mono Craters, up near Lee Vining, is the youngest mountain range on the whole continent. They are right next to Mono Lake & also close to Benton Hot Springs CA

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