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Eeeew Bugs


Spiders and Bugs

terrachula If insects are your biggest concern when camping, then consider yourself totally “spoiled rotten”. Grasshoppers, ladybugs, beetles, butterflies, dragon flies, damsel flies, bumble bees and honeybees are usually not feared, but other bugs are more frightening looking or just extremely annoying.

Some of the most common pests you will experience in California –

  • mosquitoes (warm weather & near water sources)
  • yellow jackets (they want meat or sugar)Alabama Hills Lone Pine
  • horse flies (near coast & in the mountains)
  • small black flies (near oak groves and pinyon forests)
  • no-see-ums (tiny gnats, zip the tent up)
  • moths (@ night, attracted to lights)
  • scorpions (up to 6000′ elevation)
  • terantulas (painful bite, but harmless to humans)

Follow these tips:

  • Do not camp near any still or stagnant water
  • Do not camp next to meadows
  • Do not wear perfumed products; the less scent the better
  • Build a small fire, smoke will keep most bugs away
  • Zip up tent door (always). Even if you’re just inside for a minute
  • Turn off flashlight before entering the tent. Moths may follow the light in with you
  • Camp in the cooler months, Spring & Fall


  • Scented Options

    • Candles w/ citronella scent
    • Citronella incense sticks
    • Tiki torches with citronella fuel
    • Green Mosquito Coils (toxic to water sources)
  • Insect Repellent Spray

    • All Terrain Bug Repellent (non-toxic)
    • Deet is simply Poison
    • Citrus scents are effective
    • Combo sunscreen insect repellents are new
    • Avon’s Skin So Soft Lotion is well known for keeping bugs away

    Screen Room – large tent with open walls. Staking this structure down properly is key. Then park your picnic table and chair inside to enjoy a meal in peace.

    Ponds and Meadows
    Ponds and Meadows are areas in the forest where water collects, and mosquitoes are common. When the low temps dip into the 30’s at night, they usually die off.