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Hiking or off-roading in a sun dress is not illegal. As long as you are comfortable & could care less if someone sees your panties. When the weather calls for 90 degrees, you know that cotton or rayon sun dress should be included. These are fairly inexpensive articles of clothing & you can have plenty. Plus they pack up so well.
make up - yes
Come on. Everyone has some kinda daily routine. And for most women, it includes the morning beautification process. Save the foundation, as you are likely to sweat it all off. Try a compact cream with an SPF instead. Lipstick & eye liner are the 2 items that will pack easy. And if you know you will get crap from others for this daily ritual, be prepared to tell them where to go.


If you are a diva that needs a little color on your face, these worry free lipsticks include:

Lipfinity by Max Factor - literally last all day! No re-application needed until at least nightfall. Not kidding, this is by far the best brand we've found. Clear moisture stick must be applied throughout the day for best results.

Color Stay by Revlon - small lip stick case, that is easy to carry & looks very clean.

Lip Gloss by Cover Girl - simple easy semi-transparent lip gloss in natural shades.

your aunt flo visit

Just your freakin luck. The annual big camping trip planned will be at "that time of the month". You dread it, cuz you know the hassles of camping & not having a bathroom with running water. Guys just don't understand & you cannot cancel this trip based on this one single factor. But you are not looking forward to it. Below is a list of tips for females who fear camping:

When the bushes are your bathroom break, you must make do with what you brought along. Leave no litter at it just 'grosses people out' later who need to use that same spot.

  • Wet Wipes are a big blessing;
  • Tissue or TP.
  • Plastic ziplocks bags
  • Small brown paper bags

morning time:
Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the tent alone for proper maintenance. Don't forget the brown paper bags. Privacy is super important, so keep others busy by assigning camp chores in advance.

day time:
During the day many activities will be planned. Be prepared to be out away from camp all day. Bring along a day pack with all your female essentials in it. Anytime there is down time or you spot a bathroom, request a 10 minute bathroom break for all.

night time:
It is rumored that wildlife & bears are attracted more to women who are on their period. We have not found that to be especially true over the last 15 years of camping with hundreds of women. Cleanliness is an important factor in keeping the scent to a minimum. After the evening is over & the camp fire is vacant; the coals are still hot enough to burn.. just toss in the daily brown paper bag. It's just burnable garbage right?

See our Camp Potty page for more hints. You women with the cushy RVs have it made!

nourishing thyself
Books, Yoga, Foods & More

Being outdoors enjoying nature can touch a person in a unique way. We feel connected to mother earth & the more we experience it, the more we crave it.

Sleeping in a tent doesn't hafta put a crick in your neck. Try the inflatable air mattresses. Warm up your morning by stretching & yoga. Lay in the hammock & read a book while someone else cooks breakfast. Or do light meals for your trip. Packing items like bagels, fruits, cereal, oatmeal, sandwiches, salads & soups. Spend the afternoon hiking a ridge, spend an hour looking for the perfect place for sunset & curl up to a campfire with a bottle of wine & friends.

New to camping? If you are a female, who loves the outdoors but has no one to go camping with... please meet Total Escape Adventures! Come out on the back roads & we can show you what California camping is all about. No crowded campgrounds, no busy parks, no bus transportation, no hard core anything.... just cool people sharing a similar interest. Upcoming trips are always listed here -

sex outdoors
Let your man take care of all the particulars. Read the Male section for what to watch out for.

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